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  1. Jst to put this out there. I was running Backup Exec 12d 60 day Trial with no major issues and none with backing up Exchange 2007 and mailboxes. So I do not understand why Retrospect cannot do the same. Thanks, Niles
  2. Not to my knowledge. What general GPO did you find? Thanks, Niles
  3. Hi Philipp, Thank you for the instructions. Did this solution work for you? I still get authentication errors when I right click the Mailboxes under Configure> Volumes and select Login as. I can authenticate with the First Storage Group, but the Mailboxes. Thanks, Niles
  4. So this is a requirement? BackupExec 12d does not need this. Will Retrospect have full native support for Exchange 2007 in the near future? Thanks, Niles
  5. Hi Mayoff, In your link (http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9633&r=0.7642938) on how to setup the user baccount to backup Exchange 2007, it notes that you must check the option to allow Outlook 2003 support during the Exchange 2007 SP1 install. Okay not a problem, but I have already installed Exchange 2007 SP1 and if I try to re-run the installer I do not have an option to reinstall. Is there an option in Exchange 2007 to simply enable this feature? Please advise
  6. Well at least with Exchange 2007 SP1 you can not have both Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects installed together. With that said I uninstalled CDO and installed Outlook 2007 and tried setting up the RBU account but Outlook 2007 throws the following messege. "The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action" All Micorsoft KBs in referance to this messege did not work. Thanks, Niles
  7. How do I do that? I am testing Retrospect 7.6 to see if it will compete with Backup Exec 12 (our current solution). Backup Exec 12 does not have any issues with our current configuration. Works like a charm every time. What is missing with Retrospect that Backup Exec has? Thanks, Niles
  8. The only policies that I have are a password change, disable firewall when in the domain, and few software installs. Please note that this a pure Windows Server 2008 enviroment. What policy would prevent mailboxes backups? Thanks, Niles
  9. Yes I can backup the storage group sucuessfully, but mailboxes are prefered. Thanks, Niles
  10. YES - Did you send an email to the RBU mailbox to initialize it? NO - Are you hiding the RBU from the global address book?
  11. Outlook 2007 was already installed on the Exchange 2007 prior to Retrospect. I believe that I did follow these instruction correctly. In the training video I notice a "Mailboxes" button option on the right hand side of the Volumes Database dialog. I do not this as an option. Please advise, Niles
  12. Just downloaded and installed Retrospect 7.6 on a Windows Server 2008 x64 with Exchange 2007 SP1 running on a remote Windows Server 2008 x64. I can backup everything but the mailboxes. I went through the KB (http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/index.asp?c=&cpc=&cid=&cat=&catURL=&r=0.7330133) article from EMC outlining the account setup, but when I select the Exchange Mailboxes (not Exchange Server) I keep getting prompted for a login account. After running a backup I am unable to restore Exhange Mailboxes. Exchnage 2007 Support is installed. What am I doing wrong? Niles
  13. Correct Server 2008 is support, but not for DR. THere is also an issue with backing up Exchange 2007 mailboxes running on Server 2008. Possible solution, but not prefered, would be to login under the RBU account on the server (Server 2008)running RBU. See this article: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/index.asp?c=&cpc=&cid=&cat=&catURL=&r=0.548855 When will full support for Server 2008 x86 and x64 be available? Thanks, Niles
  14. Found it but it only let me change the password. Where can I change the user acccount? Niles
  15. OKay where is Configure>Volumes and will this allow me to backup Exchange 2007 mailboxes? When will the next version be released? Niles