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  1. Thanks, Mayoff I just found a previously posted solution with adding this exact command to the rcl file. After a daemon restart, the client behaves as advertised. Thanks Sasha
  2. Hi, I have Retrospect 7.5 Single Server on a Windows Server 2003 and two Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 machines with clients. Both are on the same subnet. One of them works with no problems (it's a 32-bit system). However, the other client cannot be connected to from the backup server. It doesn't show up in the "Add client" list when multicast is used. When I add it using subnet broadcast, it appears, but then can't be connected to with error -530 (client not found). The daemon is running on the problem machine (x64), and I'm guessing it has to do with two network cards the system has. Is there a way to point the client to the correct network adapter? Thank you for any suggestions Sasha