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  1. Why Retrospect do not support the creation of an Emergency Repair Disk with Windows Vista systems ? Is it a technical stalemate ? Is there a Road Map where this issue has been included or not ? Regards
  2. tronegeden

    DVD CD Burner will not be recognized

    Why not ? I want to make sure. Why this very device works fine with Retrospect under Windows XP ? Not supported means not tested and by the way EMC does not guarantee a device working properly on a full time basis. What do need to make an Optiarc AD5540A DVD/CD burner being recongized: develop a script find out a piece of software code or do I simply need to swap this hardware ? Kind of you to provide my with an answer Regards
  3. Hi everybody, I'm using the lastest Retrospect Professional for Windows release. When running on a Windows XP SP2 system everything worked fine so far. Now since an upgrade to Vista I did a few days ago I can no longer see my DVD/CD device throught Retrospect. Obviously it works fine with Vista anyway. So I can read and write DVD and CD's. It seems like Retrospect is unable to access the device type. My hardware is a Dell XPS 210 system with Optiarc AD5540A DVD/CD Burner. When starting Retrospect if I go through the configuration menu and peripherals sub menu the DVD/CD device disapeared. It's been replaced by dots or bullet points like that: ........ Put simply Retrosptect state a (ignored) device. Any clue ? Who can help ? regards