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    HPUX client

    Did you ever have any luck with this? All of our offices except for one is running Retrospect for backups, and I'd love to switch over the remaining office but they have an HPUX server that is keeping us tied to the old backup system. It would make my week to find out that Retrospect will work for HPUX.
  2. snorkel

    cannot email anymore

    Same problem here.. IP address with no port number specified breaks with the same error as the original poster. Looks like if you use an IP address now you *have* to specify a port number or it breaks. Also, I can't remember if it did this prior to the upgrade, but when you click the send test email button after specifying an IP:port number the GUI gives you absolutely no feedback that it did anything at all. It looked busted until 5 new messages showed up in my inbox.
  3. Mayoff, That was it, thanks. I'm wondering if this was a permissions problem... Our c:\Windows directories are locked down for standard users. I don't suppose there is an option to change the location of the retro_defer file?
  4. I have roughly 25 systems that I backup using Proactive backups. All of a sudden one of the clients has started deferring the backups automatically. Retrospect will try to launch the backup, it will say it was deferred, and then it will try to launch it immediately again. It will do this non-stop until I either remove the client from the Proactive sources list or I go and disable the Retrospect client on the troubled system. This started over a weekend and I came in to several hundred emails from Retrospect about it. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the Retrospect client on the system.. I've used client versions 7.5 and 7.6. And I've installed the software in a completely new directory.. All with the exact same result. I've sat at the workstation with an RDC window open to my Retrospect server.. Retrospect says it is polling the workstation for a Proactive backup, it checks the source and destination and then says the job was deferred. The Retrospect client on the workstation never pops up the window asking whether or not to defer the backup. The client itself just says it is in use for a Proactive backup. If I turn the client off Retrospect moves on to the next Proactive backup without any problems. Thanks
  5. I'd like to second this... When Retrospect is working it is absolutely awesome.. Easily the best backup system I've dealt with. However, when something breaks the *entire* thing breaks, and it almost always is the result of a dead config75.dat file. It is a poor to start off the morning when you realize that all of your backup jobs failed because of one problem.
  6. snorkel

    VMWare consolidated backup

    So in other words, the answer is no there is no work being done on supporting ESX Consolidated Backup in Retrospect. Retrospect does not just backup Windows and Mac OS.. It does a darned fine job backing up Linux hosts as well. The ESX Service Console is nothing more than Red Hat Enterprise Linux... Anyways, I put this in as a feature request... Maybe someday..
  7. It would be super nice if there was a way to get a list of tapes that are required to do a restore of a particular snapshot. This feature *does* exist for Exchange and SQL server backups in the reports section, but -as far as I can tell- there is no way of doing this for a regular file backup. If you have a large media library and you want to take only the tapes necessary to do a full restore of the most recent snapshot it is *very* hard to actually figure out which tapes are required.
  8. snorkel

    VMWare consolidated backup

    Is this something that is being worked on, by chance? Seems odd that an EMC owned backup product doesn't support an EMC owned virtualization product.
  9. Ah. Glad I saved my old Retrospect directory before nuking the old setup. Looks like it is adding the clients now. Thanks!
  10. The silence is deafening.
  11. Alright, I went through the joy of re-adding all of my clients and resetting up all of my backup scripts.. Now I have one last thing, my Proactives... I deployed the Retrospect client to my end users by using an SSL key so that they would be automatically added to my Retrospect environment. Now, that is broken because of my dead config file (monolithic config file == EPIC FAIL). Is there any way of getting these clients re-added without having to generate a brand new key and re-installing the client everywhere? Thanks.
  12. So EMC support says that I need to "rebuild" my config file. Which I'm guessing means that they want me to nuke my config.dat file and resetup the thing from scratch. (I'm offsite today, and a different admin made the call.) My question is does this mean I need to re-add all of my server and proactive clients and rebuild all of my backup jobs? Am I able to maintain any of this information? What about my existing backup sets? Are they re-usable or should I not trust them? And the best question which will surely not get any answer: So what causes a config file to go corrupt? Would the latest upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6 possibly be the cause?
  13. and it is bombing again with the exact same error. Replacing the config file no longer fixes it. Help?
  14. Finally got it working.. Apparently my config file became corrupt.. Replaced the config.dat with the config.bak that Retrospect automatically creates (GO RETROSPECT!) and it started working again. Config files are located c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\retrospect