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  1. ouch. how can I tell up to what point the media is corrupted?
  2. I had to blow out my harddrive and now need to resore my files. However when I choose restore - retrospect is looking for *.rbf and *.rbc. I only have .rdb on my NASNV+ How do I proceed? thanks in advance.
  3. Robin, thanks. The catalogue is rebuilt, but is now hanging on a "resynch" The resynch is been in process for close to 2 days now. the backup is 250gigs or so. I am backing up from a NAS to an external HD. the nas is connected via my router (ethernet) and the external drive is a USB. I have the latest version of retrospect and the latest drivers. the message says "it could take a long time" but I am wondering how long. thanks again, Wes