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  1. We want to move our multi server from 7.x to version 9 and also reinstall our OS to Windows 7 64 bit. what's the best way to preserve the retrospect settings? our log files and backup files are on separate disks from the OS.
  2. mdporter

    The State of Support

    What's the link for the youtube videos?
  3. mdporter

    Restrospect recovery help needed!!! Please!

    You yourself said that you do not have a license for the software.
  4. mdporter

    OS X proactive script syntax

    Can wildcards be used in OS X pathnames? for example, using *:Users: if the startup volume name is not the same for every machine in the script.
  5. After being away from Retrospect for a number of years I am back setting up an eval 7.5 Multi Server server. I could use a few quick pointers on creating working proactive scipts for OS X clients. Specifically I only want to back up home directories (no system files) and will be excluding things like the Music, Movies, and Pictures folders. Not everyone has the same startup volume name. Second, will there be an Intel native OS X client that works with Multiserver anytime soon? thanks for any tips people can provide