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  1. OK i made it somehow, the update was not complete because of the retrolauncher in the background. I killed the process and after updating successfully there is no password prompt.
  2. I am using Retrospect Express 7.5 updated on 7.5.387
  3. I am using Retrospect Express on Windows Vista Professional (Lenovo system). All updates were performed. Either Retrospect starts up reminding me that it does not have administrator rights (but there is only one user with full administrator rights) or if i check the .exe file with start with administrator rights, retrospect indicates that it is locked by another user and that i need to enter login and password in order to continue. I read all related topics in this forum but no solution so far helps. I entered my system password in various combinations even with root\... but no password is accepted. How can i solve this problem to work with retrospect?