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  1. Just posting on this again to see if anyone has any suggestions for Retrospect destroying its backup sets? Is there any way to mitigate the damage caused by this bug, will it be fixed anytime soon, is there a recovery or repair tool for the data files? Or is it just sort of a russian roulette style backup system?
  2. ok, having calmed down a bit now, i would like to ask the following: 1. is there ANY way to recover files from a 'corrupt' backup set? 2. if not, is there a better way to do a backup set for the purposes of recovery, i.e. instead of using a full disk set, should i do smaller sized file sets, etc, something where i could minimize the amount of data lost if this happens? i think what is causing this corruption is that retrospect is hanging, not properly shutting down, when the system is rebooted. i will stop the backup jobs and all pending jobs, the night before, then schedule a reboot for early a.m. when nobody is using it, the next day when i check it, sometimes the day after, is when i find that the backup jobs are hung on corrupt backup sets...? is there any way to tell if retrospect is still trying to access a backup set and some way to force it to stop?
  3. i am really impressed to see the official response to this error is 'nuke your backup and start again' -- i just lost my entire backup and our company just lost about 100 hours of work because of this error, which is the SECOND time retrospect has trashed its own data. backup exec never had this problem, and a backup system that trashes its own backup data is worse than useless. being burned twice is enough to convince me to move back to backup exec, and i am just sad that i paid for tech support for this product, which so far has been your techs telling me to nuke all my backup data and start again, great product.
  4. ok i have just recently installed the retrospect client on our sql server, purchased a sql agent license, and attempted to backup the server-- it shows up on the list of clients fine but it asks me for a password, no user name, just password, and i've tried everything I can think of.. no go. i found some section under clients to create keys and assign a password to them, do i now need to reinstall the client or something since i've done that? help!
  5. hapbt

    Retreive earlier file versions

    could you please clarify something for me? when we had full backups, we'd do a 'full' backup/copy once a week and incrementals after that. now, we have everything backing up 'progressively' to the disk-disk-tape server, when, for example, file ABC.TXT is 'groomed' out of the backup set, will it be replaced the next time an incremental backup is run? i.e. will there always be a base/full set of files in the backup set, even if it is incremental/progressive and grooms periodically?
  6. i will see about implementing your solution with moving the full backup sets, since im not 100% sure i understand how that will work. FYI i will continue to use retrospect whether or not you ever add that function.
  7. so basically everyone is working around the lack of a 'move oldest snapshots to tape' function, well i guess its up to you if you add it, it does seem like a trivial thing to add. your solution is to do it manually, which to me is not a solution, but a workaround.
  8. FYI, talked to a friend at Symantec, their sales platform is that you can keep ALL your data forever, they have alot of clients asking for infinite retention, you might want to delete that post from your site before any potential customers see it. Basically what you're telling me is that your disk-to-disk-to-tape is brand new and isn't yet ready for mainstream use, compared to products from Symantec?
  9. the idea of our backup set is to keep as much data as possible immediately accessible on disk, and backup only the oldest data to the slow tapes for safekeeping, i had assumed this was the purpose of a disk to disk to tape setup. this is how all symantec products (netbackup, backup exec) perform ddt.
  10. yeah that's what i've been doing, that works, i don't have to do it too often, but ideally i would like that automated so theres no danger of me forgetting ... and the selection process is kind of tedious too, easy to miss a snapshot and then accidentally groom it out later, etc. im curious about what procedure/sequence other people using disk-to-disk-to-tape are using such that they don't need this?
  11. hi, currently i am doing a disk-to-disk-to-tape setup, moving everything to one huge 6TB volume and then, i want to periodically move the oldest snapshots to tape and groom them out...however, it seems you can only automatically move the newest snapshots? can someone explain to me either how to schedule the moving and grooming of the oldest snapshots, or tell me why i should be doing this some other way? thank you! Clint Anderson System Administrator