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    Backup problems

    Steve, thanks for your reply. Well I think we have one important information right here: the date. February 19 is just a few days ahead of Exchange 2007 SP1 rollup 6: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B959241&x=19&y=7 Have you installed this rollup and can you still check the date you installed this rollup? Philipp
  2. Philipp

    Backup problems

    Exchange storage is fine I gave this some additional testing. I couldn't find any problems with the exchange server, its hard disks or the Exchange Information Store. Everything works fine - except for the backup. Only the differential backups are failing The backups failing are only the differential ones. Backing up the full Information Store works fine and the next few differential backups also work fine. But than - a day or two after the full backup - the differential backups starts to fail with the errors above. Making a full backup resolves this issue for the next backups. Changing the backup destination doesn't solve the issue I also tried to test it with an other backup destination - it's just the same problem. Other backup solution works fine Next test was a backup test with an other backup solution: we have TSM Backup for some other purporses and so I tried to make a differential backup with TSM. This works fine. Enabling and disabling Circular Logging doesn't helb In http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/17988/ a similar problem is mentioned which could be resolved by enabling Circular Logging for some hours. I did so - no success. Any further suggestions about this :-( Philipp
  3. Ricardo, did you check http://support.microsoft.com/kb/905813 ? Philipp
  4. Philipp

    Backup problems

    Robin, thanks for your reply. I gave the hard disk (chdksk) and the information store (eseutil, isinteg) several checks but couldn't find any problems. The problem seems to be within the log files. The full backup of the IS works fine, it's only the differential backup that makes problems after some times. Philipp
  5. Hello, a few days ago, we started getting errors when Retrospect 7.6.123 tries to backup our Exchange 2007 storage running on Windows 2008 64-bit. The problem only seems to occur if a differential backup is made and may disappear after restarting the exchange server. The Log says: At the same time, two entries appear in the application section of the event log: According to Microsoft (http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B810333&x=9&y=11) the problem may be caused by an hard disk or information store problem, but checking the event log doesn't show any prolems here. Other problems might be the network communication or the backup software. Any suggestions how to solve this? Philipp
  6. Hello, we are using Retrospect 7.6 on Windows 2008 64-bit. We sometimes have problems when trying to start Retrospect: MSIE claims that about:security_retromonitor.exe is not a trusted web place and that content is blocked. After closing the message, Retrospect Monitor launches instead of the Retrospect Application. Starting retrospect.exe directly causes the same problem. Sometimes a restart of the server or renaming retromonitor.exe helps. Any suggestions are appreciated. Philipp
  7. Niles, at the end, we managed to get Retrospect to work with EX07. But it was a bit more complicated than expected. We added our Exchange Server to an existing EX03-server, so there might be some settings that werde done by the Exchange setup to ensure backward compatibility. At the end we could track the problem down to a GPO setting - but we couldn't track it down to a specific setting. Did you make any modifications to the group policy? Philipp
  8. Enabling Outlook 2003 compatibility in EX07 means to enable public folder distribution of the Offline Address Book in Version 3. To do so start the Exchange Management Console, go to Organization Configuration - Mailbox. In the register for the Offline Address Book select yours and open its properties. Make sure that Client Support is enabled for Outlook 2003 (Version 3) and public folder distribution is enabled. Philipp
  9. Eric, I don't have experience with this configuration and Retrospect - but made my experience with this configuration and Windows. It is important to say that ICH7R/DH is not a real RAID-Controller. It is a software RAID (or Fake-RAID, as the Linux community likes to call it). So there are two hard disks for the OS - and only the driver makes them to one. I didn't make good experiences with this configuration (crashes, rebuilds, ...) and so switched back to a non-RAID configuration. But that should not be a reason for Retrospect to crash. Is the other system also a ICH7R/DH? Or might it be a hardware RAID? Philipp
  10. We use it on 08 Standard 64bit. Enterprise shouldn't be a problem since it is the same code. Philipp
  11. It work's quite fine. We use it in a Win08-only environment without any problems. But I recommend using Retrospect 7.6. Philipp
  12. Well, the problem is that the logs get truncated. But as far as I can see: this step is initiated by the backup software. The "trick" for a second backup seems just not to call HrESEBackupTruncateLogs. Philipp
  13. Hello, we wanted to create a second backup of our Exchange 2007-storages on a different backup set. Just adding a second backup isn't a solution since all log files of exchange are removed after a full backup. Any way to get this backup without removing all log files (and so destroying the other backup)? Philipp
  14. Niles, did you make any changes to the group policy? We had a similar problem and could fix it by testing out some policy settings. Philipp
  15. Reminds me on my little problem. So backing up the storage groups is successful? Philipp