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  1. Hi Maser and forum folks. Yes, that is correct. We have an autoloader, hence we cycle different tapes on different days / weeks, hence the different media sets linked to each tape backup script. Yes, that is consistent. The 'cancel' option seems to stop it jumping, until next time. We don't need to 'Run' scripts this way all the time, but when we do (e.g. if doing a manual 'recycle', or if doing a re-run of a script), that is when we experience this bug behaviour. Cheers! D.
  2. Hi folks. OK, a picture tells a 1000 words... Please find an example screenshot attached. So, to get there, we're in the "Scripts" section, selecting one script (problem applies to any tape backup script we have), hitting the "Run" button, and the dialogue in question ("Backup to which Media Set?") is pictured. This (pictured) is where the Media Set jumping occurs. Select another set (e.g. the first set), and a few seconds later, the last set will automatically highlight instead. I can also confirm that this DOES happen for brand new 8.2 Retrospect scripts. I tried the script (and media sets) I made a day ago, and it too jumps from my selection (say the first set), and jumps to the last set. So, it's happening with 8.1 scripts, and new 8.2 scripts. Yes, I too was hoping it was just a "8.1" issue carried over. But it's not just that. It is affecting new 8.2 scripts / sets. So, these are tape backup sets (in our case, going to LTO3 tapes). (Sorry, I DID mix up the use of the terms 'set' and 'script' CallMeDave -- thanks for pointing that out :oneeye: ). These are 'backup' scripts. The last media set in these cases is always tape (LTO3). All the other media sets are also tape (LTO3)... So, the only differentiating factor that we can work out, is that alphabetically, the last media set is highlighted, because it comes later in the alphabet! Let us know your thoughts :-). Cheers, D.
  3. Hi there. Thanks for all the renewed comments / interest in this topic. When I originally posted this, we were using Retrospect 8.1. But we are using Retrospect 8.2 (399), and have been for a while now, and the problems are still persisting, although, not as bad as previously. So, these is the steps we do (just as a quick recap): Select a script (highlight it) Hit the Run button The 'Backup to which Media Set?' dialogue comes up The last script is always highlighted We click on another set (not the last one) The media set will then change a few seconds later, back to the last set. Here is a list of answers to all your great questions... To Daniels' questions: If we select a set and click 'Cancel' and then re-open the dialogue, the issue doesn't appear to occur as often. It does remember the selection if you immediately re-open that script. But if you open another script in between, and go back to the original script, and reverts back to the last set again. Yes, tried creating new scripts, and new sets. Seems to be more reliable (doesn't jump back to last script, in any of our tests). To Maser's questions: 'Selected checkbox'? There is no selected checkbox. (Retrospect 8.2 (399) - Mac OS X). We can only highlight (e.g. blue highlight row). There is the 'status' column (left column)... The other column headers (status is blank) are: Name, Type, Used, Files, Free, Members. PS "Status" is my name for that column, since it is not labelled. There might be a more technical term! Using 8.2 (wasn't originally months ago, but have been on 8.2 for several months)... By the way... Running Mac OS X 10.6.4, Intel Mac Pro, 6GB RAM, 2x 2.66Ghz Dual-core Intel Xeons. So, for us, the problem still seems to exist for existing sets, but hasn't occurred for any new sets. That gives us a good indication of what we need to do! Cheers, D.
  4. Hi There. We have 6 sets in total (MWF A, MWF B, MWF C, TT A, TT B, TT C). List is fully populated. You can leave the list for a minute if you want, but as soon as you select a Media set, then it jumps down to the last media set within 5 seconds. (Unless you are quick and hit the 'backup' button before it jumps). It's like it's possessed -- you see the highlight change from the first item (or whatever you select), down to the last item :-). Cheers, D.
  5. Re Russ' question: Yes, on rare occasions, I have had both the console on the server, and the console on my workstation open at the same time. So, this could be a valid theory. (Not good if that's the case -- but at least I know to try to avoid using both consoles, and use Remote Desktop instead). Re CVE's questions: No, the issue is not really resolved. I just do regular automatic reboots, to keep the system "fresh" and that seems to help this (and other minor problems -- not finding the clients!) happier. I DO notice, that without fail, if I want to run a scripted backup manually, I will select a destination (e.g. Monday-Wed-Fri LTO3 backup set A), and before my eyes, every time, Retrospect will automatically highlight the last destination in the list (e.g. Tues-Thurs LTO3 backup set C) within about 5 seconds. This behaviour is repeatable without fail. (If you want to run a manual backup, to a destination of your choice, you have to select the backup destination, and get it running, before that 5 second 'automatic' choice kicks in). Not a solution, but something to be aware of. Cheers, D.
  6. Hi Retrospect 8 devotees, I am having some problems with errors such as: Can't access volume XXX on serverYYY error -530 ( backup client not found) (XXX being a system or data volume, YYY being the server name being backed up). Running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) on a Intel Mac Pro, running Mac OS X 10.6.4. With Retrospect clients version 6.3.029 The problem happens every few days... Usually during the night-time backups. So, all the backups fail. It affects all network-based backups. Any local backups (e.g. Firewire backup source) work fine. But any source not located locally do not backup. A restart of the Retrospect box sometimes fixes the problem. But not generally. (Affectively, that's stopping and starting the engine). The only real work-around I've found is to: Stop the Retrospect engine Wait a few minutes Re-start the Retrospect engine "Browse" a source, and make sure I can connect to that remote hard drive Then run a test backup It should be business as usual after that for a day or so, until it happens again. Anybody else having the same problems? Or have a better work-around? I was thinking about perhaps a script to kill of the Retrospect Engine, and then re-start it again... Any ideas on how to implement this? Cheers, D.
  7. derek2008

    8.2 E-mail notifications

    Hi forum folks. +1 for email from Retrospect 8.2 not working, and GUI crashing for "test email" button... Specs are Mac Pro tower, XRAID (fibre channel), IBM LTO3 autoloader (SCSI), Mac OS X 10.6, Retrospect 8.2 -> no emails sent from Retrospect. *sigh*. So, I tried the "send test email" function, and it gets hung-up too. But does send the email strangely enough. I didn't have authentication turned on in the preferences, for sending email (don't need authentication on our internal network), but Retrospect seems happier with it enabled. My scripts are sending emails again now... But the 'send test email' button is still problematic. Retro GUI does appear to stall (requiring force quit) when doing the test email, which is a bit disconcerting. Cheers, D.
  8. Hi forum folks. I've been noticing some similar error 205's. Other things I noticed that strikes an accord with other forum posters: We're using an XRackPro2 Noise Reduction Enclosure Rackmount Cabinet, albeit a larger one (not the 4U size) -- we were running with some fans turned off (noise reasons), so we've enabled all fans now, to make sure the tape libraries or tape drives aren't running hot We're running a SCSI chain (so checking SCSI termination now) Checking ATTO drivers (ATTO UL5D card in a Mac Pro) -- looks like there is a minor update for us I'm sure doing all these steps will rid us of these occasional areas... So, these are good steps for others to check up on too. Cheers! D.
  9. Even if it's doing aparently "nothing". (And no backups scheduled for 8 hours)?
  10. Hi forum folks. How long does it take other people to stop their Retrospect Backup Engine? (Retrospect 8.1) I hit my "Stop Retrospect Engine" button in the System Preferences, and correctly enter the admin password, and the "Stop Retrospect Engine" button is still displayed. 5 minutes later, the engine finally stops, and "Start Retrospect Engine" is displayed. According to the Console logs, the process ended being killed off after 5 minutes (600 seconds)... 11/05/10 8:12:48 AM [0x0-0xe20e20].com.apple.systempreferences[62823] 2010-05-11 08:12:48.911 Retrospect[62879:913] Retro Prefs Pane Helper: stop_server 11/05/10 8:12:48 AM [0x0-0xe20e20].com.apple.systempreferences[62823] launchctl: Error unloading: com.retrospect.RetroEngine 11/05/10 8:19:25 AM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.retrospect.RetroEngine[40190]) Exit timeout elapsed (600 seconds). Killing. 11/05/10 8:19:25 AM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.retrospect.RetroEngine[40190]) Exited: Killed Running Retrospect 8.1 (Build 626) on Intel Mac Pro, Mac OS X 10.5.8, 2GB RAM. Retrospect is all this box runs... Is this 5 minutes shutdown the usual behavior? Cheers, D.
  11. Hi forum folks. I've been migrating my Retrospect 6 scripts across manually to Retrospect 8.1 (Build 626). Mac OS X 10.5.8, on a Dual-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro. I've been noticing that sometimes when the scripts are run, or when they are saved, that the "Source" changes from how I set it. The problem doesn't happen all the time. But has appeared a few times in the last few weeks. So, if say "server01" backup is running, and the source should be "server01-data" drive, I'll then find something like user "Bob Jones" data being included in the backup, in the log file / email. Having seen this in the log, I thought "OK, better go check the scripts." So, I checked the scripts, and found that the user backup was now "ticked" in the sources list for that script. Even though I never ticked that, and that backup has nothing to do with that user. And sometimes the actual data backup that was meant to happen (data source was ticked in the 'source' part of the script), gets removed all together, and replaced with another server or user's data source. For me, the problem has been happening a lot during the setup of the scripts, and now afterwards. After migrating a few scripts, I'll go back through, check the scripts, and find 1 or 2 sources like this, that weren't as I set them. (e.g. "server04-data" set for the "server02" backup.) I thought I was going a bit insane... So I started to take screen-shots, and note down what changes I made. Sure enough, scripts would muck up some of the time. I think the problem is compounded as there isn't a script "save" function like what there was in Retrospect 6... Instead, it's saved live as you go along. I think this is good (so you don't loose work), but a bit dangerous too, as you can break something, and it's automatically saved! So, once you make a change on the Retrospect 8 server, it's meant to be saved... But perhaps this is being cached poorly? And it remembers another script you were editing earlier? And saves that data source instead? In another example (this morning), I scheduled two immediate scripts running... First was a tape backup, of "server02", to backup the standard data source "server02-data", using 'tape set 1'. At the same time, I also scheduled a backup of the same server ("server02") using a 'tape set 2', to run straight after, once the tape drive was available. I changed nothing else -- and hadn't changed any volumes or data sources for more than a day. And low and behold, the "server02" script now has an extra volume / data source added to it -- a user backup in this instance. (Other times, it's been another server volume)... It seems to pick up a data source from my "Favorites" list. The same backup ran yesterday (automatically to schedule) ran fine, without any sign of an "extra" user backup being included in the log / email. So, the extra user volume/data source appears to have been added "out of the blue". The Retrospect backup server is in a locked room, and I'm the only one with access to the Retrospect Admin console, password etc. All scripts were modified / worked on live on the actual server, using the Retrospect console, although I have been monitoring the scripts using a workstation in the same locked room with the Retrospect console app on that workstation. Anyone else have some mysterous "extra" (or replaced) data sources in their backups in Retrospect 8? Cheers, D.
  12. I find the Apple system updates and security updates seem to affect the reliability of the Retrospect client... When a new Security update comes out from Apple, I expect to find problems with the Retro clients, so I keep an extra eye-out. Just my 5c worth... Cheers, D.
  13. Hi Mayoff, EWTHeckman, and other forum folks. Ah, SCSI termination was the problem... After a some fairly quick SCSI cable and termination changes (in the back of an awkward cabinet), low-and-behold Apple System Profiler saw the full library facility. And Retrospect then saw the full library facility too. (No changeable SCSI ID numbers there on the back of the LTO autochanger -- I guess they're inside the LTO unit -- so changes there were not needed) I've tested it, and tried tricking Retrospect to run a backup with the 'wrong' tape in place, and it happily changes the tape, and backs up correctly. And it gives full tape library access in the Device Manager section :-). Wonderful. Thanks again, Cheers, Derek
  14. PS. Apple System Profiler sees the LTO3 drive as the following in the section: Hardware -> Parallel SCSI: --- SCSI Parallel Domain 2: Initiator Identifier: 7 SCSI Target Device @ 4: Manufacturer: IBM Model: ULT3580-TD3 Revision: 69U2 SCSI Target Identifier: 4 SCSI Device Features: Wide, Sync, DT SCSI Initiator/Target Features: Wide, Sync, DT Peripheral Device Type: 1 SCSI Logical Unit @ 0: Manufacturer: IBM Model: ULT3580-TD3 Revision: 69U2 SCSI Logical Unit Identifier: 0 ---- I don't know if that is what other people see or not, with their IBM LTO3 autoloaders... Comments most welcome. Ta, Derek
  15. Hello Forum Folks. I've recently started trying to get our recent IBM TS3100 Tape Library auto-loader to talk nicely to Retrospect 6 for Mac OS X. I CAN see this LTO3 drive in Retrospect, as "IBM Ultrium 3 DC, SCSI" in the Storage Device manager. Or, as "IBM ULT3580-TD3" in the Device Status section of Storage Device manager. But it is seen as a single drive (i.e. it sees the contents of the main drive bay). None of my library is visible there in the device manager, as per other user posts of how Retrospect should look when a library is visible. I've added a dozen tapes to the library (with correct barcodes etc.), and Retrospect sees the individual tapes correctly... But the only way to "swap" the tapes, is the old fashioned 'eject' each one out of the main drive, back into the left or right cartridge, and then manually 'move' the next tape into the main drive. (i.e. autoloading functions not available). Here are the vital statistics: -Mac Pro 2x 2.66ghz Dualie Xeon -2GB RM -Mac OS X 10.4.11 (desktop, not server) -Retrospect 6.1.222 Beta 2, 'Server' serial -Latest driver release (RDU6114101 file) -IBM TS3100 LTO3 autoloader unit -latest IBM library firmware update: v6.30 -latest IBM Drive firmware update: 69U2 -ATTO SCSI card (ATTO Express PCI UL5D) Retrospect is running a confirmed SERVER license (not desktop, not workgroup). I've tried this with several different server licenses from colleagues -- confirmed as server versions also. ATTO SCSI utility also sees the drive as "ULT3580-TD3" device. Any tips, ideas, pointers, about where to go next (next stage), to see if this device is capable of the library functions via Retrospect? (according to the Storage Comparision chart, the device is fully supported in Retrospect 6 for Mac, for Workgroup versions or above): http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/technical/retrospect/detail/?id=9694 Much appreciated, Cheers, Derek