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  1. Thanks for this thread- but mods to /etc/profile did not work. I updated & patched my windows single server version 7.5.508 with hotfix Yet continued to see the cycle of 'ready'...'defered' for a fedora client in proactive backup. What did work was in Retrospect server - select Automate...Proactive Backup...select the problem system from the list...select edit. Now, click on the 'Options' button and click on "Countdown". If your "countdown time (seconds)" window is non-zero, then set it to zero. You will notice the countdown message box is blanked. You will also notice that the next time proactive backup attempts to access the previously deferring client that proactive backup transitions from 'retry' to 'ready' to 'executing'. Problem solved by this workaround (la di dah!)