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  1. Hi, I've moved our Retrospect server to 2008 64bit and upgraded to v7.7.341 evenything has gone well, however I'm having problems getting UIR to work. I've install IIS, including asp.net and .Net 1.1 including latest SP and security fixes. When I try and install UIR Restrospect it complains that the specified path http:///myrestore does not exist. Do I need to do some additional IIS config ? I've tried creating a virtual directory, however this has not worked. Many Thanks
  2. readwrite

    Server and Retrospect Upgrade

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. I've managed to locate two spare disks so going to rebuild using these. If it all goes bad, I will replace with the originals so should be up and running quickly. I think however I'm also going to make a backup of the backup sets to be on the safe side. When you upgraded to 7.7, did you have any problems with your proactive clients i.e. Did the old client work OK with 7.7 on the server ? Regards
  3. Hi, We are looking at upgrading our retrospect v7.5.508 running Windows 2003 Standard SP2 to Windows 2008 R2. At the same time I plan to upgrade Retrospect to v7.7 to take advantage of 64bit Support. The hardware will be wiped as part of this upgrade. Can you tell me what Retrospect components I need to backup before wiping ? I want to make sure after the upgrade the Proactive and Manage scripts are restored, disk backup sets and catalogue files etc and proactive clients can talk to the new server. From my research so far I beleive I need to backup:- config75.dat privkey.dat pubkey.dat backup sets - on a different disk which won't be wiped catalogues - will change location from c: to d: - is this a problem ? After installing 7.7 and licensing, I assume I just need to shut retrospect down and then copy the config75.dat, privkey.dat, and pubkey.dat over the files the new install has created. Is this correct ? Will client backup still work with the old client until such times I can get around rolling out the new client ? Anything else I need to be aware of ? Thanks
  4. readwrite

    Bad Backup Set header found

    Select properties for the backup set, then select members, and then properties for the member. I then adjusted the size of the member there, one set I reduced to 45% of disk volume size, the other set I increased to 55% of the disk volume size. Both sets reported free space before doing this. Not sure if it was the cause, however its the only change that was made before we started getting the errors. Will monitor to see if the problem comes back. Regards Richard.
  5. readwrite

    Bad Backup Set header found

    All resolved by recycling the two disk back sets. I think the errors where probably caused after resizing the backup sets. Bug in Retrospect ?
  6. readwrite

    Bad Backup Set header found

    Ok, verify job showed 23 files failing to verify, remaining 30 files 538.5mb completed 407.8GB. So it looks like the backup set is corrupt. I've decided to recyle both sets. Could this problem have been caused by altering the backupset size ? There was free space in both backup sets when I changed the setting. Regards Richard.
  7. readwrite

    Bad Backup Set header found

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm running a verify job now, we don't usually run a verify in our backup job. We have another backup set on the same disk. When the transfer snapshot job ran this morning for this backup set the error 'Backup Set format inconsistency (9 at 3)' was logged. The only other change I did recently was to change the percentage of disk space allocated to these two sets. Originally they where set 50:50, changed to 55:45. Could this have caused the problem ? Regards Richard.
  8. Hi, I'm getting the following errors when running a snapshot transfer from a disk backup set to tape. Its alwayes at the same point in the set and the hex numbers are the same reported for the last two nights Bad Backup Set header found (0x030000fd at 730,170,833) Bad Backup Set header found (0x05000005 at 730,170,878) Bad Backup Set header found (0x030000fd at 730,170,892) Bad Backup Set header found (0x0106002b at 730,170,908) Bad Backup Set header found (0x0100002b at 730,170,924) Bad Backup Set header found (0x070000fd at 730,170,947) Bad Backup Set header found (0x030000fd at 730,170,977) Bad Backup Set header found (0x2f030000 at 730,171,122) Bad Backup Set header found (0x8b050800 at 730,171,140) Bad Backup Set header found (0x6e202d20 at 730,171,545) Bad Backup Set header found (0x9ff3fdba at 730,171,634) Bad Backup Set header found (0xd6baeedf at 730,171,653) Bad Backup Set header found (0xbabfd7fd at 730,171,679) Bad Backup Set header found (0xdd3af7fb at 730,171,701) Bad Backup Set header found (0xffffffff at 730,172,072) Bad Backup Set header found (0x10001200 at 730,172,084) Bad Backup Set header found (0x8006ff93 at 730,172,102) Bad Backup Set header found (0x0914120a at 730,172,680) Bad Backup Set header found (0xb1ff00d0 at 730,172,761) Bad Backup Set header found (0xfcb77a32 at 730,172,842) Bad Backup Set header found (0x4817213a at 730,174,225) Bad Backup Set header found (0x0350744d at 730,174,243) How do I fix this ? Do I need to recycle the disk set or can I get away with running some kind of fix job ? Thanks Richard.
  9. readwrite

    Retrospect 7.5 and pcpds.exe

    Ok, any idea when the next version will be released ?
  10. readwrite

    Retrospect 7.5 and pcpds.exe

    Hi, Can you tell me if this issue is fixed in 7.6.111 release ? I need to backup an old nt4 sp6 server and I'm getting this issue. If it is fixed when will a fix be released for the UIR problem with this release. I need this also so don't want to upgrade to fix one issue but break another used feature. Regards Richard.
  11. readwrite

    Backup Strategy

    Hi, I'm trying to determine the best stategy for backing up our company data. The requirement is to backup 600GB of data from a fileserver and 300GB of 'system backups' The 600GB can be backed up from 19:00 in the evening and the 300GB of System data (Exchange mailstore ntbackup and SQL agent backup jobs) can only be backed up from 6.00am in the morning after the system backup jobs have complete. We also need to offsite the data daily and also keep a monthly backup which cannot be recycled to the following year. My question is what is the best way to setup Retrospect to acheive this ? I thought about creating a 'daily use' backup tape set, and two backup jobs one that ran at 19:00 and the other at 6.00am the following day. The Friday evening fileserver backup would be a recycle job to clear the snapshots in the backup set to stop the tapes filling up. Monday to Thursday (and Friday for the System backups) would be a normal backup to make use of Retrospects Progressive backup capability. I would then use the transfer snapshot option to copy the most active snapshot in the 'daily use' backup set to another backup set which could be offsited. There would be 20 of these sets, wk1-mon - wk4-fri plus monthly archives jan to dec Is there a way to ensure that the snapshot transfer only transfers files that have not been backed up to the destination backup set previously, but at the same time maintaining only one snapshot in the backup set? i.e. I want the most recent snapshot and files only to be transferred to the destination backup set and at the same time I want to utilise the progressive backup feature so I don't have to rewrite every file to the media. Also is there a way to get retrospect to transfer the snapshot to any backup set which is in the library at the time the job is run ? I can see how to set the source (daily use set) and also how to include all the possible backup sets in the destination, however the schedule option requires you to select a backup set when you select multiple possible backup sets to use. I want it to use any of the possible sets I have specified. Is there anyway around this ? Is this the best stategy for the requirement or is there another way to acheive this ? Regards Richard.
  12. readwrite

    Backing Up .PST files

    I see continuous backup agent is now an addon to Retrospect v7.6. Is this included as part of the upgrade to v7.6 or do I need to download and install this addon seperately ? Does it require another client on the laptop as well as the existing restrospect client or does the new v7.6 client include this functionality ? Is there a revised v7.6 retrospect user manaual which explains the continuous backup agent software ? Thanks
  13. readwrite

    Backing Up .PST files

    Ok, thanks. Are there any plans to introduce byte level / delta backup technology into Retrospect ? It would be useful for backup of large files.
  14. readwrite

    Backing Up .PST files

    The modified date / time has changed on the file but the file size has not, just wandered if there was away round this, possibly using the exclusion options ?
  15. Hi, I have a proactive backup configured to backup users 'My Documents' folder which includes Outlook Data files (.PST) Is there anyway to skip backup of the .PST files if the file size does not change since the last time it was backed up ? The modified date / time changes every time Outlook opens however the file size only changes if the user saves mail to the folder. As these files can be very big, (1 - 2 GB) I don't want the proactive backup to back these up if the file size never changes, particularly if they are working from home over a VPN connection. Thanks