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  1. [color:purple]Well, the Recycle backup I did last night on another PC went great, not one single error that didn't have an obvious explanation e.g. open files, I am now rebuilding the original Catalogue Files for each member on the original BackUp PC, hopefully that should do it, I hope it does as I am off work all of next week[/color] :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2: Will update here when I try it all out, maybe today.

  2. I have used a different PC to backup onto now, I put the offending Environments folder at the top of the list, it is backing up just fine, and the log does not have the 'Can't save Snapshot in Friday A, error -1019 (not enough resources)' error, the log files are on a different drive too, so either the PC we were using has problems, or the Catalogue files need repairing.......what you think?

  3. We have a 500GB external hard drive connected to a PC (back up PC), all back ups are done on here, the catalogue file are now on another NAS Server, but it is not the NAS2 Server we still cannot back up tho.

    The C drive where the catalogue files live have around 40-50GB free space at any one time.


    We have tried Complete and Incrimental back ups, but to no avail.

  4. Hi,

    We are running Retrospect 6.0.206, and keep getting this error:


    -17/05/2008 05:02:43: Copying Environments on RT3NAS2

    17/05/2008 05:02:43: Connected to RT3NAS2

    T-15: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,024,809

    T-15: VssWEnumWriterMetadata: GatherWriterMetadata failed, winerr -2147024809, error -1001

    Can't save Snapshot in Friday A, error -1019 (not enough resources)

    17/05/2008 11:35:17: 1 execution errors

    Completed: 480276 files, 41.3 GB

    Performance: 112.7 MB/minute

    Duration: 06:32:25 (00:17:46 idle/loading/preparing)


    This happens on all BackUp Sets on every day.


    RT3NAS2 is a NAS Server, spec is:


    Windows 2003 Server R2, Service Pack 1, 1.8GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 135GB free space on HDD.


    The PC that is doing the BackUp has the spec of: Windows 2000 SP4, 2.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 4GB free space on HDD.


    Error –1019 is my main issue here, the back up seems to get done, but when I go into the back up drive, there are no files for this server.


    There are no other errors or logs relating this issue.


    Any help in resolving this issue will save me a fortune in Prozac.