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  1. After some experimentation, I saw that I could run immediate backups as well as backups I set up in the very near future, but my nightly backups were still failing with the "Client not visible" error. Then I saw that the Energy Saver panel had the hard drive drop into sleep after 30 minutes. I changed that to "Never" and haven't had any problems since. Is this a known issue? I don't remember reading about this one. Thanks for your help, though!
  2. My apologies for sounding confusing. Here is the issue: When I first launch Retrospect, and go to Configure>Clients, our server is in the database, but greyed out. Clicking on the Network... button then causes Retrospect to log into the client, and it is listed as "Responding." Once this happens, I can perform immediate backups. However, at night, I am getting the "Error -1028, client is not visible on the network." I am only assuming these two issues are related, as the client is always greyed out when Retrospect is first launched. But perhaps I am mistaken and they are not the same. Why else would the backups not be happening? I hope this helps explain things. Thanks again!
  3. We are running Retrospect 5 on a G3/200 with OS 9.2.2. I am trying to back up a Mac OS X Server (10.1.4), which is also running the Client version of the software. Lately, I have been unable to have the backup computer maintain access to the client. I have been getting the infamous "Client not visible on the network" error on unattended backup attempts. If I try to log in to the client, it happens immediately. However, if I quit Retrospect and restart the program, the client is again not logged in and an unattended backup will fail. (Immediate backups, however, always seem to work.) I had re-installed the software to take care of another problem, and now this one pops up. I searched the knowledge base, but most of those issues involve not being able to see the client, instead of not being logged into it automatically. Anyone have any ideas as to a possible fix? Thanks!
  4. As you have suggested (and for other reasons) I have removed the DLT drive and am now doing File Backup sets. Although it was fine for a few days, this morning I came in and it was in the "Quitting" mode again. The clock was frozen on a time last night and when I moved the mouse, it finally finished the Quit sequence, and then restarted. Is it possible the problem is with the fact I have restart selected? Should I try disabling that once and see what happens? Any other places I can look? I'd be happy to send an Apple System Profiler doc to someone...I can't seem to figure out what's holding the program up. Thanks!
  5. Well, since I didn't get any help since my last post, I did a complete re-install of both the OS (9.2.2) and Retrospect. I have deleted any and all other applications that I once had on the drive, and turning off all unecessary extensions. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. I came in this morning, the CPU's clock said 7:30pm, the "Quitting" message box was up and the cube cursor was just sitting there. When I moved the mouse, the program finally started to quit. What the heck is happening here? This can't just be happening to me! Thank you in advance...I need to address this or look for other backup solutions soon.
  6. In one instance, we're using Retrospect to backup our Server to DLT. When I go to Configure > Device > Device Status, I get the following: Quantum DLT 4000 CF5F DLT 20.0 DC (5.01). We also use it to duplicate folders directly to a server drive. I have tried making a quick script and watching it run. The execution completes successfully, but the window watys active and the cursur is the little cube (automation). The system does NOT restart, even though its supposed to. Also, FYI, it takes several minutes to quit Retrospect after a nightly backup. It says "Quitting" and the DLT runs, but I have no idea what it is trying to do. Anything else I can look for?
  7. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. We are running Retrospect Desktop version 5.0.238 on two different G3s running OS 9.2.2. Scripts run every night unattended, and the "Unattended" setting is set for "Shut Down" one one, and "Retsart" on the other. When we get in in the morning, both computers have the "Quitting" dialog box sitting there with the Retrospect cube icon and the date/time is locked a time last night. Moving the cursor or hitting the space bar then seems to really start the Quitting process. I have reinstalled Retrsopect already. Are there any other suggestions? Thanks!
  8. I'm running Retrospect 5.0 on a G3. When it runs automated backups, the program doesn't quit; it is still running and is the active program. I've tried re-installing with no difference. Any ideas?
  9. Macdesktop-ML-17774-ML- Moved to OS 9 and earlier forum
  10. I also agree that Dantz's support policy is terrible. The only way you can justify charging for support (especially after a major upgrade) is releasing a bug-free product, which you obviously haven't. Eventually, companies like yours will realize that customer support is what generates repeat sales. The chances of my company upgrading to Retrospect 6 are basically zero. Someone else will come up with a dependable backup solution, and have the customer support to stand behind their product.
  11. We just had the problem replicate itself a few moments ago. The OS 9 backup computer crashed in the middle of the verification. We now get the Error 505 (client is reserved). On the OS X Server, the client indiciates it is "In use by (computer)". It's as though it thinks the backup is still going on. I just turned the client OFF and ON again, and the backup now seems to be working.
  12. The Client window shows the OS X Server and indicates "Responding," but if I try to see the volumes, it indicates that it can't log in. Restarting the Server does resolve thew problem, but, as Alan said, I can't keep restarting the server because of that. Is this a Retrospect bug? Would I be better off running the Backup from an OS X workstation?
  13. Even though our OS X Server has not crashed, we have started getting an Error 505 (client is reserved) on the OS 9 computer that backs the server up. The only resolution the help index suggests is to reboot both machines...but I can't keep rebooting the server just because Retrospect is having a problem. The server does show up as a client, and that it's responding, but apparently Retrospect can'ty log into it to access the files. Any suggestions? Or is this a bug? Thanks!
  14. Since upgrading to Retrospect 5.0 Server running on a 9.1 machine, there is this Retrospect screen saver that launches and doesn't allow you to get out of it. The two options are Restart and Shutdown. If the computer has been unattended, and is supposed to shut down, it ends up freezing and I can't get it going again. I can't find that feature anywhere in the setups. I want to get rid of the screen saver and just have the computer shut down after a backup.