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  1. As far as I can tell, the Mac "console" is only properly supported with the Mac engine. It can control the Windows engine, but Retro support tells me that's risky, and unsupported. (and can cause corruption) There is no "console" app for Windows as far as I know.
  2. I have been playing with grooming, and became interested in the difference between "performance-optimized" and "storage optimized" grooming. What's the difference - exactly? I looked in the documentation, and found that the main docs are here: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/grooming-tips-and-troubleshooting Unfortunately, the first item on that page is: "1. Choose your grooming mode: "Performance-optimized grooming" or "Storage-optimized grooming". See Documentation for more details." Note that the "Documentation" link goes to a page that says not a word about grooming. Where is the answer to my question? Is the difference between "performance" and "storage" optimized grooming described anywhere? Thanks,
  3. Customize email?

    My thoughts exactly, although I was not aware of my "competitor" saskia. Years ago, in a galaxy far away, I used to use Retrospect's script hooks, and as I recall, they were quite useful. It seems it is time to explore the new incarnation of those hooks. I will, of course, report back. P.S. "fair" is indeed a four-letter word. ;->
  4. Customize email?

    Thanks. I'll have to try the new header/footer. This is nice, but would be even nicer if it had some variables to plug in from Retro. The marketing collateral also implies that I can customize the "daily email report", and I don't see any docs at all on that. The Mac daily report is easy on the eyes and helpful. The Windows engine generates something different, that looks like it was intended to be machine readable, and is much less helpful.
  5. OK. I give up. Where is the documentation that tells me how/where I can customize the email reports on backups and the daily summary email? (which I really like on the Mac)
  6. I have both Windows and Mac installations, and I have recently updated a Windows site to v12.5, and a Mac site to 14.5. I see the emails from these systems is different now. The mac version produces "pretty" HTML formatted emails, including the new "backup report", which is very nice. The same option exists on Windows, but produces a mass of raw text that I have not yet deciphered. It may be a machine-readable report that imports nicely somewhere, but I don't know where. I assure you that it is not very "human readable". Is this expected? Am I missing some option somewhere that causes the emails to be "pretty" from Windows Retro v12.5? What is intended to be don with this "report"? Now I am generally NOT a fan of "pretty" email. I would much prefer plain text in 90% of the cases, but…. in this case the output from Windows is a little too opaque, even for me. Thanks for your help,
  7. FWIW, I did restore files from teh reported error messages, and they came back intact. My limited testing verified that these are not "real" errors.
  8. FWIW - Retrospect support told me that these are not real errors, only errors in the verify process. The data and datasets are intact. I will read the "dzelenik" posts...
  9. I have seen BIG improvements in the time taken to "sync" when initially bringing up the console on the Mac. Kudos to Retro Dev. Performance improvements that let me be more efficient with my time are always appreciated and welcome. Thank you.
  10. New Windows user wants advice

    The Mac console code may be "common" and might compile and run on Windows, or it may be very Mac-specific and be a ton of work to port. I certainly don't know. If the former, it might be pretty easy to get the Windows "console" going. I think that would be a significant feature/improvement. If the latter, it may be not worth the substantial trouble. It is interesting, though, that the engine on BOTH platforms runs the same "communications" machinery, even though on Windows it is almost completely unused. Odd, but interesting….
  11. Running mac retro on mac os x 10.8. Go to media sets. Choose a good-sized one. Press "verify". Before the first verify is complete, pick another set. Press "verify". Note that the second verify is not queued. Note that the second verify does not execute, but the media set becomes "busy". Pressing "verify" again on the same media set (the busy one) results in the error enclosed. This is a bug. I tried re-starting the console, and the busy does not clear. I will likely have to restart the engine.
  12. Oh, and by the way - This is the second "verify" run, which produces the same output as the first verify. I don't think it's disk errors. At least not so far.
  13. I'm running Mac Retro on Mac OS X 10.8 on a Mac mini. I *just* upgraded a few days ago. I normally run a verify script on the media sets, primarily to get early warning on failing media/disks. This run, I see this: --Script Summary-- * Script: Verify * Date: 7/2/2017 4:08 PM * Errors: 1 * Warnings: 0 * Performance: 30148.2 MB/minute * Duration: 00:15:52 * Server: virtue --Log-- + Executing Verify at 7/2/2017 3:53 PM To Backup Set v9_daily_EIMS_last... "EIMS3/EIMS_3.3.9/Mail Folder/mcinteriors.com/design/Drafts" chain broken 6/5/2017 11:55:09 PM missing 6/7/2017 11:55:37 PM missing 6/13/2017 11:55:28 PM verified 6/14/2017 11:55:08 PM verified 6/15/2017 11:55:24 PM verified 6/16/2017 11:55:46 PM verified 6/17/2017 11:55:12 PM verified 6/19/2017 11:55:19 PM verified 6/20/2017 11:55:15 PM verified 6/21/2017 11:55:08 PM verified 6/22/2017 11:55:29 PM verified 6/23/2017 11:55:20 PM verified 6/26/2017 11:55:12 PM verified 6/27/2017 11:55:26 PM verified 6/28/2017 11:55:17 PM verified 6/29/2017 11:55:26 PM verified 6/30/2017 11:55:25 PM verified 7/2/2017 4:08:57 PM: 1 execution errors Completed: 9862 files, 466.7 GB Performance: 30148.2 MB/minute Duration: 00:15:50 Note: the media set is 69 GB, not 466 GB. The count of files is right. That was the count on the media set copy operation that ran yesterday to create this media set. What do these messages mean? Can I infer that my 6/5 and 6/7 snaps are "missing", but the others are OK? Can I still use this backup set, or is it toast? Do tell It would be nice to have an explanation without my needing to run tests.
  14. Windows or Mac server - what's missing?

    The answer to my two questions: 1. The backups are OK, but the Mac Retro provides no way to create the DR (Disaster Recovery) CDs. 2. See above. Retrospect does not provide a way to generate DR disks on Macs. You have to have a windows system. You'd probably have to download a trial version of Retro just for this purpose.
  15. New Windows user wants advice

    I want to add to this thread a note about the "console". I have a Mac laptop, with a copy of the Mac Retro "console" on it. Just 'cuz, I fired up the console, and lo and behold, it *works* on the WINDOWS Retro server. As far as I can tell, I get the full function of the Mac engine/console via the Mac console when operating/controlling the Windows Retro server. There are a few things missing (things in the Retro Windows application that do not exist on the mac), but all in all, when I can, I find that I *prefer* to maintain/manage the Windows Retro server from the Mac console. There are a number of advantages. Way back when I posted this thread, I had no idea this would work. Turns out that it does. I hope it's supported. ;->