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  1. thankyou again for your reply. can you also tel me if retrospect supports backing hyper-v VM snapshots etc?
  2. hi thankyou for your reply just so i am clear, my question is specific to the R2 version of server 2008, and the reason for my question at all is becasue my current backup software (backup exec) does nto support the R2 release whilst it still supports the base version. i do not know the technical reasons why r2 may not be supported, i am just looking for an alternative. if i can be assured that it will support 2008r2 then i will go and buy it (i understand the AD issue) also i want to knwo if retrospect has an agentless function to backup hyper-v vm's any help here will be greatfully recieved. wylie.
  3. is this the offical response from retrospect? its a pretty strait forward question and i think it deserves a direct answer from you guys?
  4. hi i need to know if retrospect supports win server 2008 R2 thanks in advance wylie/clint.
  5. hi i want to know if retrosepct is fully supported on a w2008 64bit platform. last time i looked at this, retrospect would not run unless the RBU was logged on. it this still the case? are there any other issues i need to know about. i do not want to buy this product, only to find i have issues. many thanks
  6. wylie

    server 2008 issue

    i just found out that Currently, Microsoft does not provide a Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects (MAPI/CDO) Package for Windows Server 2008. and i think this is the issue.
  7. wylie

    server 2008 issue

    where do i get the beta from?
  8. wylie

    server 2008 issue

    once again thankyou for you time here. i have no access to my email so i will post the part of the log i think is relevent here. + Retrospect version 7.5.508 Launched at 03/04/2008 17:22 + Driver Update and Hot Fix, version Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80004005. Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80004005. TMapiManager::Reinitialize: Creating new MAPI session. CreateProfileAndSession: failure in MAPIAdminProfiles, win error = 0x80004005. TMapiConnection::TMapiConnection: Unable to use profile, win error 0x80004005 TMapiManager::Reinitialize: couldn't intialize mailboxes due to a prior error. CreateProfileAndSession: failure in MAPIAdminProfiles, win error = 0x80004005. TMBVolEnum::StartEnum: MBReinitialize failed error -3420 (unknown). now i did already install the exchange-mapi/cdo file from microsoft, although im wondering if this is a server2003 OS fix? also i am now wondering if it is possible to log off the server and still run scheduled backups? (seen as it appears i have to be logged in for retrospect to run) if this is the case i dont know if it is pratical - do you know if this is going to be altered for server2008 users? thanks again. wylie
  9. wylie

    server 2008 issue

    ok i tried this and didnt help also any idea why the preferences>security settings are all greyed out? maybe that has a bearing? also is anyone out thier that actualy has retrospect working on a server2008 DC with exchange 2007? thanks for you time helping me so far
  10. wylie

    server 2008 issue

    Account must be 1) Domain Users - done 2) Domain Administrators - done 3) Backup Operators -done 4) Local Admins if Retrospect is running local to the Exchange Server - no local admin account available as server2008 system is also a DC 5) Do NOT include any other groups - done -The account must have a mailbox. -done -The account can NOT be hidden from the Global Address List or GAL. - done -You must send at least one email to the mailbox to initialize the mailbox. - done sadly still no joy.
  11. wylie

    server 2008 issue

    i have tried this the mailbox "login as" constantly rejects my login. the exchange server DB doesnt but then fails to backup.
  12. hi i have retrospect 7.5 508 hot fix the platform is server 2008 with exchange 2007 i have followed the article http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9633&r=0.2895929 in part 2 it says 1) Go to Configure>Preferences>Security in Retrospect and configure Retrospect to Run as a specific user. my security settings in retrospect are greyed out and i cannot alter any infomation here? my exchange backups are failing with ese fuction call error -1,003 anyone able to help?