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    Scanning incomplete, error -1010 ( API request bad)

    Same problem here: - error 1010 (API request bad) - in Windows System Event Log I find the warning "The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur." with Source: symsnap and Event Data: \Device\SymantecSnapshot\Volume1 - If I disable Norton Real Time Protection the backup runs fine, no error I use Retrospect Multiserver 7.6.123 and Norton Internet Security 2010. Anybody has found a solution yet? I'll contact Norton's technical support.
  2. Hi there, Exactly the same problem here, Backup Set shows zero K free (and doesn't execute the backup for this reason) while if I navigate to the set properties it shows the correct free amount (67GB, more than enough for the backup). I'm running Multiserver Version 7.6.111. Will this bug be fixed soon? Regards Riccardo
  3. riccume

    No icon in system tray

    Robin, Are you saying that if the back-up starts automatically (based on a schedule) there is no way for me to be able to know what's going on? I usually have the back-up running in the middle of the night when nobody is using the computer but sometime it is still going when I get to it in the morning and I'd like to know why. (e.g. slow network? big backup size?) I used Retrospect 6.0 before upgrading and it showed a status windows when running the scheduled back-up. Thanks.