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  1. It appears to not be cosmetic. No scripts are running. I have a number of clients using this version. It seems pretty sketchy to make them all pay for an upgrade because suddenly version 14 won't work. In addition, I've tried several work arounds with rescheduling and nothing keeps a script, whether old or new, from being deferred.
  2. Apparently as of the new year all schedules have been deferred. Version 14.6.1 on MacOS 10.12.6. I can't find anything where deferred is even an option, much less an option to undo.
  3. I have the same issues as newbie, and have even tried updating the client to v13, and still no luck. It happens with the same 3 users (out of 50), no matter how many times I reinstall the client, delete the client from the server and re-establish, etc. I clean all vestiges of the client software from the user machine and reinstall and reset the backups and after 1 or 2 backups, it goes back into the unresponsive mode (-1101 error).
  4. If recreate it with my media sets and data files, will it pick up where it left off? Or will it want to back everything up the first time?
  5. Retrospect 8 spontaneiously lost connection to all 3 backup catalogs. When I go to Locate, it sees the catalog, I tell to add it back, it blinks at me and won't add it. Just goes back to the Media Sets window. I've also rebuilt the entire 1.5 TB database, and it when it was done, it listed the task as successful, but wouldn't recognize the catalog it had just created, either. Greg
  6. What if I only have 1 of a 5 tape set? thanks, greg
  7. I have a tape with no directory and I would like to recatalogue and probably recover the information off of it. It has data on it, but there is no directory for it or backup set or anything to tell Retrospect what's on it, even though it was created in Retrospect (6) for Mac. How can I retrieve the data? thanks, greg
  8. OSX Server 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 (3 servers in different locations, same issue on each), Retrospect 6.1.138, duplicating drives. Normally, the scan will go through and delete only changed files, but since the system updates, it scans, then deletes everything, and replaces the duplicate drive in its entirety every night. The amount of time this takes and the wear and tear are not a good thing. greg