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  1. Hi all, I have a Windows Server running and since I'm paranoid I also wanted to duplicate some of the shared folders/subfolders of the WHS machine using Retrospect 7.5. I can sucessfully access the folders and create scripts in Retrospect and I can also run the duplication scripts. Files and folders are created on my target volume however all the files copied seem to be corrupt as none of them can be opened using its registered application. Duplication from a local volume to another local volume works as expected. Are there any known issues duplicating network folders or is this related to WHS or am I simply doing something wrong here? Any hint is highly appreciated.
  2. I guess the problem is related to the WHS Drive Extender. Probably Retrospect only catches the "tombstone" and not the real file like outlined in a blog I found. An excerpt is pasted below:
  3. Thanks for the responses. However I'm aware of the corruption issue with Windows Home Server. In my case though, only the files duplicated with Retrospect are corrupt after duplication. the original files are completely intact, can be opened as expected and when copied using Windows explorer, Terracopy, etc. all copied files are also still intact so I guess the reported problem is not my problem here. Btw. A WHS Shared Folder is a standard windows share on a Windows Home Server computer, verification is on and no verification errors are reported as far as I'm aware of.