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  1. Awesome. It worked perfectly. Thank you for the help. production:/home/dev# alien --to-deb --scripts retroclient-75_linux.rpm retroclient_7.5.112-2_i386.deb generated production:/home/dev# dpkg -i retroclient_7.5.112-2_i386.deb Selecting previously deselected package retroclient. (Reading database ... 93736 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking retroclient (from retroclient_7.5.112-2_i386.deb) ... Setting up retroclient (7.5.112-2) ... Installing Retrospect Client... Adding RETROSPECT_HOME to system profile and login scripts...Done! Before attempting to use any of the GUI components of the Retrospect Client, you must have both the RETROSPECT_HOME and DISPLAY variables set. The RETROSPECT_HOME variable should point to /usr/local/dantz/client. We have modified your /etc/profile and /etc/.login files to set this value for future logins. The retrospect client launched as part of this installation process will also have this variable set. However, if you kill that client and restart it without logging out, you will need to set these variables manually. /usr/local/dantz/client/./rpm-post-install.sh: line 257: [: !=: unary operator expected Enter first access password: Retype the first access password: Starting client as daemon... Retrospect Client started successfully! Upgrade completed successfully production:/home/dev#
  2. I know that the debian package is not officially supported by Retrospect, but I am in desperate need of the .deb package for version 7.x. The links above no longer work, so I was wondering is someone knew where I can get it from. Thanks in advance..