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    -645 chunk file damaged during save

    After deleting *.dat-files in the folder "all users\application\retrospect\rtrsec.dir" I can backup all folders again.
  2. Hello, I get this message at all catalog files. Three folders are affected. 2 local folders and one folder in the network. I have done a scan disk but there are no problems with the partition of the folder in the network. I think the catalog file is not corrupt because I perform a searching restore without any problems. What can I do to backup these folders again? It's the wrong category. It must be in the category multi server.
  3. Skafield

    Is The Exchange Add-On Needed?

    Thank you for your help. Yes, I create a mailbox and send a message. But It's not hidden from the GAL.
  4. Skafield

    Is The Exchange Add-On Needed?

    We have no trial version I Think. For the authentification I create an account "Retrospect". That is member of: 1) Domain User 2) Domain Administrator 3) Backup Operator 4) Admins No other groups include. Are there other requirements or what is wrong? Skafield
  5. Skafield

    MAPI and IPv6

    Hello RBernard, thank you very much for your answer. I edit the hostfile and enter the following information of our exchange server: ex-ffm lvm-ffm I also disabled IPv6 with the following Link How Did you disable IPv6? I still can't see our mailboxes and i'm very desperate. The Retrospect Support in Germany can't help us! Dear Skafield
  6. Hello, for which server, retrospect or exchange-server, is this solution? MAPI and IP6 Some users have successfully corrected mailbox connectivity issues with Exchange 2007 by changing the host file to match the below example found on this website. These changes have not been tested by EMC Retrospect support. It is unknown if making these changes will have unexpected results in your environment. Before making this type of change, make a copy of your host file. Retrospect itself only supports IPv4. Edit the host file found in system32\drivers\etc\hosts file: 1. Comment out the line ":::1 localhost" 2. Add the following two lines:
  7. At my retrospect I can't see the mailboxes but the Storage group. In the link "Critical Steps 1" at point 5 "Enterprise Admin" and "public folders" I'm not sure. How can I check these two points?
  8. Skafield

    Is The Exchange Add-On Needed?

    I can see Exchange Server with the First and Second Storage Group but I have problems to see the mailboxes in Retrospect. Must I have the Exchange AddOn, too? Thank you!