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  1. I checked all of these and this doesn't seem to be the case. Our Monowalls are set up with the default config and we do not change that. The only difference between the Monowalls in all of our sites are NAT configs & Rules. I dont se how either would be causing this issue. Whats really odd is that we had no issues running this backup as of 2 months ago. There were no updates performed on the Monowall, Server OS or anything. I can back up 35,000 folders just fine. But when I hit 37,000 I get the -116 error...
  2. I attempted the new beta and it did not work. Still getting a -116 error when the back up runs.
  3. I wish I could even get to the backup part! I cant even get past the scanning. I just find it weird that it's only one of our firewalls and the rest of the monowalls (with the same config) runs the same test fine. But this isn't even a size issue. The folders I'm testing with are empty and equate to about 20 megs... I'll try the new beta and see if that works. Thanks!!
  4. I think I have narrowed down this issue and wanted to start a new thread on it. I am getting a -116 error message when trying to scan a folder with more than 37,000 items in it. It errors during the scan.. not the backup. I believe the issue might have to do with our firewall, so bear with me and I'll try to explain this the best that I can The backup will error out when scanning. I created a test folder with 40,000 folders in it and that fails as well. So it is not the size of the folder (the real folder is 30GB), just the amount of folders. It is not the retrospect server. I have tried setting up Retro server on another machine and it also fails. Between each of our sites, we use a monowall firewall to create an IPSec VPN. If I put the 40K folders on the same network as the Retro server, it backs up fine. If I put the folder at another site (PA or Baltimore), it backs up fine (thru the IPSec connection). It only happens at our ISP. Even if I use a connection that is not thru the IPSec VPN, it still fails. Since I have 2 servers at the ISP, I tired the folder on both servers and I get the same error, which makes me think it's the firewall that's causing the issue. A third server is up at our ISP which is behind a different monowall and that backs up fine. All other backups run fine via the ISP. It is only this one folder that is causing the issue. And it directly has to do with the amount of folders. I have port 497 TCP/UDP open on both the OS X firewall and the Monowall (tho it shouldn't matter over the VPN) Would anyone have any idea what could be going on here? If there's any other info I can provide, let me know...
  5. Sorry, Dave. I copied the files that give me the -116 error to a separate computer and still got the same error. So i think it must be the retrospect server giving me the error. I am going to try to run the backup from a different machine to see if it's an error on the server. I'm all out of ideas...
  6. Tried copying files to another computer and it still failed. Does anyone have any thing else I can try??
  7. I haven't run a disk check, but I copied the folder to another drive on the same computer and still got the same error. No errors in the console at all pertaining to / or that corresponds with the backup I haven't tried to copy the files to another computer. I have another server at the same site so i'm going to try that now. its 30GB or data so it's gonna take some time..
  8. Which log should I be looking in? Retrospect log is still reporting the same thing after enabling file system logging... but this was interesting. I went to copy one line of text from the log and I got a memory full error. Looking at activity monitor, there was 1 GB RAM free on the machine. I restarted the machine and ran the script again. Gave the -116 error at 37,000 folders 14,000 files. Also Retrospect hit 30 MB RAM (243 virtual memory).. still listed as 1GB free on the machine. But I was able to copy text this time... So this is def a RAM issue. Cant handle that many files/folders or something would be my guess. Why it's not using anything above 30 MB of RAM is beyond me...
  9. UGGHH.. Sorry. I'm getting a Human Error -2256 (typo) The correct error is -116.. NOT -117 I am running user back ups right now but will do this as soon as they are done. Am I doing this on the Retro server or client? I assume server, but wanted to double check.
  10. Actually your log may provide important clues we don't yet have. Can you provide the EXACT text that appears in the log for the entire error? Retrospect will tell us exactly what it is doing when the failure happens. Copy and paste that log section into the reply. Retrospect version 6.1.138 Launched at 3/14/2008 7:41 AM Retrospect Driver update, Version Error!!! Scanning incomplete, error -117 (unknown) Error!!! Scanning incomplete, error -117 (unknown) Error!!! Scanning incomplete, error -117 (unknown) It scans and always stops at around 37,000 folders (I missed how many files).. Hope this helps!
  11. the server only has 1.5 GB and the client has 16GB.. unfortunately, the server is our web server and I cant just take it down. It's also 50 miles away The server had no issues backing up before. It just started happening.
  12. The one folder on the drive does have a lot of files on it. 35,000 to be exact, but only 3.7 GB of data. (It's part of our web server). I'm not if that could be the issue or not. Unfortunately, there's no way to split it up at all.
  13. Yea.. Memory isnt an issue. 16GB total RAM on the xServe. And it has worked (also works fine on 4 MacBook Pros - Intel with 2-4 GB of ram) and it has worked before. It just stopped recently.
  14. One of my clients just started getting a -116 error (unknown). Any idea what the issue could be? Log files for both server and client don't help at all. All other backups work fine and I cant get this working at all. I have tried to delete the client and re-add it. I reinstalled the client s/ware. Added firewall rules. I recreated the script and used a different backup destination. Nothing works... Thanks!! Retro Client 6.1.130 XServe 2 x 3Ghz Dual Core Xeon OS X 10.4.8 Server Retro Server 6.1.126 iMac G5 1.9 Ghz OS X 10.4.11