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    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    The dialog issue may be behind this. It's hard to find out, by definition. If that were the case, fixing the z-order wouldn't solve the problem, since Retrospect usually runs without the UI open. If Retrospect is running in the background, the only way to get the UI up to interact with it is to restart it, which cancels any running jobs.
  2. JamesOakley

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    I've noted this with 15.5.x (Professional) on Windows 10. The trigger here seems to be if a client is not available for whatever reason. Retrospect hangs looking for that unreachable client. The trouble is, it doesn't timeout like it used to on earlier versions, and move onto the next task. It hangs totally. If you try to close Retrospect, or relaunch from the Dashboard, it never does. The only way to get things back is to kill retrospect.exe in the task manager. I always notice emails telling me that a backup run had a problem. It takes me longer to notice I haven't had any emails from Retrospect for a while, so I need to find out what's wrong.
  3. JamesOakley

    Files missing from Snapshot after Transfer Snapshots

    Thanks! I tried that. It took a while (of course, lots to download) and the log said it was doing a "thorough" rebuild as required. After doing that, I did another "Transfer Snapshots", with the same parameters as before. The job ended quickly, with nothing to transfer. Only, now I've rebuilt the catalog thoroughly, the difference in the two sets is not 900 MB but more like 10 GB. The same directory I had identified as missing is still missing. Again, I can get that directory if I use the "Restore" function instead of "Find Files", which must again mean that the files are backed up but are just absent from the snapshot. Does anyone have any further thoughts or suggestions?
  4. I've just transferred most recent snapshots from a 100+ GB backup Disk Backup Set to a Cloud Backup Set (backblaze) I had to restart half way through - it suddenly bailed out with: [*] TBackblazeConn::b2_upload_file: Request Error: error -1010 (API request bad) () [*] DS3::ds3CloseFile: cannot write to AC000025.rdb: error -1010 (API request bad), resetting m_pos from 3,993,600 to 3,840,000 [*] xopFlush: flush failed, error -1010 (API request bad) [*] xopFlush: flush failed, error -1010 (API request bad) I restarted the Transfer, and the remaining files copied across. 😀 However, when I do "Find Files" on the resulting backups, the number of files is different, and the cloud set is 900 MB smaller. So it seems some files are missing. But if I re-run Transfer Snapshots, it completes instantly, saying that there is nothing to copy. Retrospect thinks nothing is missing. I tried recreating the catalog, but that didn't help. By using selectors, I've managed to track down a whole folder that's missing - except that it's not missing if I start with "Restore" instead. So I've found what's happened - the files are there, but they are not included in the snapshot. The snapshot file must have failed to transfer. So my question is: How can I ask Retrospect to copy across the Snapshots again, so that I get a complete set of Snapshots - but without having to recycle and re-upload all 100 GB. The other reason to avoid this drastic restart is that, going forwards, something similar could recur, and then recycling would lose older snapshots as well as resetting the most recent one I'm trying to get right. Retrospect 12.6. Windows 10 x64
  5. But something like the Drupal issue queues or the GitHub issue tracker could do the same as the support case system, whilst also allowing other users to search / chip in on related cases as well as track progress towards solutions etc. (I know that Retrospect is not open source, but you can still have a similar kind of public bug tracker with closed-source commercial software)>
  6. That's a change. Back in the day, and certainly when Retrospect first went back into private ownership after the developers bought it back from Roxio, most sensible questions in the forums attracted staff replies as well as from other customers. It's a shame that's changed. Thanks: Will do! Mayoff used to be operated by someone named "Robin", I thought - or does my memory let me down? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, even if it is using copy/paste. Let's see if I get any tips from other users. Interestingly, the event log has not yielded any VSS errors, but there is another error I'm looking into. On paper, it shouldn't be related. But this is Windows, where someone turns a kettle on in the kitchen and the curtains automatically close in another room as a result.
  7. Thanks, David. The thread you linked seems to have the same error number, but different description (can't create catalog / snapshot). I'm sure it is an underlying Windows issue, but that need not mean that Windows is broken. (I realise that you're a Mac user, so that's just begging to start some banter, ...). The issue is that Retrospect is not able to make Windows do what it's trying to make it do - in this case, tap into VSS for open-file backup. The timing is significant: Windows had just had a major upgrade. One of the new features of the "Creators Update" is the introduction of a more time-machine type interface to the continuous backup feature (that's existed since the launch of Windows 10). That may well mean that Microsoft have made changes to the VSS code, which requires changes from other software that interfaces with it. ... But none of this is my expertise at all. I'm hoping that one of the Retrospect devs will see this and have some thoughts, or that other users who have upgraded may have experienced (and maybe even circumvented) the same issue.
  8. My computer recently updated to the latest major upgrade of Windows 10, nicknamed by Microsoft the "Creators Update", version number 1703. Since then, I've had on and off problems with Retrospect not using Open File Backup. The last time I had the problem, I needed to reboot the computer to get it to work again. It worked for the next 3 backups, and then the error has just returned. [*] MapError: unknown Windows error -1 [*] VssWEnumWriterMetadata: GatherWriterMetadata on tempBackupComp failed. Aborting writer exclude, osErr -1, error -1001 Or [*] MapError: unknown Windows error -1 [*] VssWSnapVolume: PrepareForBackup failed, osErr -1, error -1001 Can't use Open File Backup option for Data on DATA (E:), error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) I'm using Professional.
  9. When I posted this back in February, nobody so much as commented. It's the kind of bug that might even tempt me to upgrade from 9.5.x to 10.x, but only if I knew for certain it had been fixed. Anyone?
  10. Maybe the block-level backup is a red-herring. I'm guessing there. I'm trying to restore a large (c. 1.5 GB) outlook.pst file from October 2014. So I found the backup set, browsed the available snapshots and chose the one I wanted, found the file, and set it to restore to a new location. In the file selection dialog, the datestamp was from 2nd February, and the file size is nearly the same as the current version of the file (several hundred of MB larger than it was in October 2014). I began the restore. When I opened it up in Outlook, sure enough, it was last night's copy. I tried again, this time retrieving an additional snapshot from the backup set that was not shown by default. I had the same problem. I did manage to retrieve the older copy in the end. I had to use the "Find Files" feature, and then uncheck all the copies except the one with the datestamp I wanted. So it seems that I cannot restore older copies of this particular file, other than through the "Find Files" interface. I've never had problems with earlier versions of Retrospect (with outlook.pst files from a few months back). I'm guessing the block backups are an issue here, because it's one of the features that's recently changed, and the file is large enough for block-increments to be used for backing it up.
  11. JamesOakley

    How to make Retrospect "forget" a CD / DVD drive

    Thanks for that, Lennart I saw the button labelled "Ignore ID", but it sounded like it did something more sophisticated than "Forget Device". I wasn't sure what it's ID was, but I didn't think I needed Retrospect to forget the device's ID - so I didn't even get as far as checking the manual. I guess there's UI feedback here for the developers - the label elsewhere in the software is "forget", so they could usefully use the same label here. Thanks again!
  12. JamesOakley

    How to make Retrospect "forget" a CD / DVD drive

    Windows Professional 9.0
  13. JamesOakley

    How to make Retrospect "forget" a CD / DVD drive

    I don't see that option anywhere - what menu or toolbar is it in? (There are 3 tabs in the Configure Devices window - the first question is which tab I need to be in)
  14. A long time back, I configured a DVD-RW drive on the computer to be usable by Retrospect for backup sets. I no longer use DVDs for backups, but the device remains configured. Now, whenever Retrospect fires up to perform a backup, it takes the drive over. If I was burning a CD, the operation is cut short; if I were watching a DVD, I'd not be able to continue until the backup is complete. I'm currently running a 3-hour backup job, and want to rip an audio CD, but I have to wait to do so. Is there any way to ask Retrospect to forget everything it ever knew about the optical drive on my computer? Or is there any way to change it so that it doesn't insist on taking over the device unless it actually needs to use it?
  15. JamesOakley

    How to specify the selector to use for block-level options

    Ah - so you can't set the "is block level on or off" filter in a granular way - you have to edit the special selector, and that effects the whole application. The documentation is worded to suggest you can pick a different filter to use (as opposed to saying you can alter that special filter).