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    Retrospect window text invisible

    Thanks for the reply. Actually the other threads don't really match my problem. I an not running 64 bit Windows. I am running 32 bit Windows XP Pro. I am not having a problem with Retrospect Crashing. The program appears to execute the backup jobs I just cannot see what is happening. When a scheduled backup job launches, Retrospect launches in windowed mode. The Main window is the same size it was when the application was last closed. The windows never completely render to the screen. I can see the outlines for each section, but I cannot see any text. I can see the out line for the activity dialog but cannot see any text. Furthermore, when I right click the programs button in the task bar, I can see the outline for the menu, but I cannot see any of the choices on the menu. While I cannot see any Menus, Toolbars, Buttons, Text Boxes and so forth. They will all respond to mouse clicks as if they were fully visible. This behavior only occurs with scheduled jobs.
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    Retrospect window text invisible

    I am having the same problem with a new install of Retrospect Professional 7.5 Jim Gray