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  1. I'm running Retrospect Professional on a Windows PC. As part of the backup it is accessing network volumes. I set up an auto login and everything goes to schedule fine. However, if the PC reboots then it seems to me that the passwords that I've specified for the network volumes are lost. So, I have to go and do it all again. I can't find a way to stop this happening. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. DavidWilliamson

    No icon in system tray

    I know that but I cannot close the running session (the dialog) just hangs indefinitely and I cannot see whatever message it is that the program is trying to show me. I have a SYSTEM launched program that is hanging, usually because it's prompting me for some input. The documentation on the icon tray says if that's the case then I can use it to display whatever Retropsect is prompting for. If I haven't got a system icon tray then how can I see what the program has a problem with.
  3. DavidWilliamson

    No icon in system tray

    So, if the launcher has fired up Retropsect as the system user because there is a scheduled backup to execute and something goes wrong, then how to I see what's going on? If I launch Retrospect from the program menu I get something to the effect of "Retrospect is already running". It says if I click on okay it will show me cancel the running instance but it can't. It gets stuck.
  4. DavidWilliamson

    No icon in system tray

    I never see an icon in my system tray. I have Retrospect Professional for Windows. I'm running on Windows Vista. I have: 1. Installed all available upgrades 2. Confirmed that the Retrospect Launcher service is running 3. Confirmed that in Retrospect the option is set to display the icon in the system tray 4. Checked that I haven't got "Hide inactive icons" set for the Windows taskbar Still no joy. Can anyone advise?