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  1. Hello, we’ve got retrospect Multi Server Version 7.7.341 (32-bit). I want to recreate a catalog file from tapes. When my first tape finished rebuilding the catalog file I have only one minute to change the tape to the second tape. At preferences under media I told restrospect to request a timeout four 96 hours. Could you help me? Thanks regards Tim Schaufler
  2. hello, we've got Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.7.325 (32 Bit) Driver-Update and Hot Fix Version Retrspect is running on a Dell Server R300, MS Windows Server 2003 RE SP2. We do for years backups of our 100 MS Exchange Mailboxes with a skriot. (the exchange server is on a different server). Yesterday only 30 mailboxes will be backuped. Today no Mailbox will be backuped with this error: 30.07.2010 00:20:30: Copieing from MaMu on EDOM04 T-9: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. scan incomplete, error -3420 (unknown). Do you have a solution? We did the mailbox backups for over one year without en error!!! Thanks Tim
  3. Hello, in my case I have to reebot our exchange server and know I can see and backup all my ms exchange mailboxes with retrospect. I think it was a ms windwos update. Tim
  4. Hello, we've the following Retrospect software in use: Windows Server 2003 Multi version 7.6.123, Driver Update and Hot Fix, version All our servers run with Windows Server 2003. We do a daily backup of all our C:/ partition from our servers with following settings settings: Automatic script, backup to disk. Selection (with the following selectors): All files, all folders, system and programs. Save Options: Media verification, source snapshot to restore, source volumes with catalog file compare, duplicates not add to backup set, backup the system state, under the option ALL security, backup of open files. I created a Disaster Recovery CD (ISO image) and burned this. During the installation i've become follwing error messages: 1. Bksdefer.exe file is corrupt and can not be copied. 2. Regcopy.exe file is corrupt and can not be copied. 3. Remotsvc.exe file is corrupt and can not be copied. 4. Rtclient.exe file is corrupt and can not be copied. With "Esc" I can move on and the files won't be installed. And no retrospect client will ne installed on the this temporery windows system, so the disaster recovery won't work. I created the recovery cd with the backup wizard. In this wizard following file types where checked: Documents and settings and operating system and programs. After that set the hook "prepare Notall recovery with this backup". I tried several Windows Server 2003 CD for the disaster recovery CD every time the same mistake! Do you know what the problem is??? Thanks Tim
  5. and in response to Mayoff Hello, we paid for one year support 1000 Euro and now you told me, that I have to upgrad to version 7.7!? With a valid support contract, the update to version 7.7 should be for free. If retrospect won't fix the error in version 7.6. So, how can I know creat a workable disatser recovery cd/dvd??? Tim
  6. We youse Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.123 Driver-Update and Hot Fix Version When I create the Disaster Recovery CD, retrospect shows no errors. Now when i restore a computer, i become during the windwos installation a message, that the following files are incorrect: bksdefer.exe regcopy.exe remotsvc.exe rtclient.exe I have ignored this and continued the restore but no retrospect client was installed I have the disaster recovery cd create several times with original windows xp cd , each time the same mistakes. Do you know whats the problem? Thanks Tim
  7. Hello, we've got a Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.6.123 Drivers-Update and Hot-Fix Version Is it normal, that a inkrementel backup of 88 MS Exchange Mailboxes needs 7 hours? :blush: Thats the only backup we do with retrospect! Thanks Regards Tim
  8. hello, I've got Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.6.123 Driver-Update and Hot Fix Version I want to backup all my folders, also the empty folder. When I do a backup, only the folders will be backuped when there is a file in the folder. I also want to backup the empty folders. Could you help me? Thanks
  9. tim2008

    Backup empty folders

    Hello Robin, we have include the snapshot for the disk, but we cannot backup and restore our empty folders. Thanks Tim
  10. hello, we've got retrospect multi server version 7.6.123 hot fix version is it possible that i can make a script to stop en service bevor the backup and after backuping to restart the service? thanks for your help tim
  11. Hello, I have got a problem with retrospect while backuping exchange mailboxes. My system: MS Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2 Retrosepct Verison: Multi Server Verison 7.6.123 Hot Fix Version: When I backup the MS Exchange 2003 mailboxes, i've the error: MapError: unknown Windows error - The backup time is about 6 hours longer. Can some one help me. Thanks
  12. Hello, yes files get copied from the mailboxes and i can backup the storage groups. Thanks for your help
  13. Hello Mayoff, i'm sorry for my short answer. Here my problem (I hope my english is good enough): Retrospect Version 7.0.344 Multi Server NFR with the Retrospect-Update, Version Retrospect is runnig on an Windows 2003 Server, our MS Exchange Server 2003 is running on another server. When retrospect backup certain mailboxes we get these 2 error messages: T-2.067: PtSend: cmd MbrF/msg RdBg: byte count 1261 exceeds maximum of 1024 Trouble rreading files, error -523 (service transaction error) and T-2.067: PtSend: cmd MbrF/msg RdBg: byte count 1267 exceeds maximum of 1024 Trouble rreading files, error -523 (service transaction error) In the past we've never had this problem. Another problem is, that one of the mailboxes is from my boss. :eyes: Do you have any idea? Thanks
  14. hello, could you give me the number for the german speaker? thanks
  15. Hello, Yes, I think it's a corrupt message or a damaged attachment. I have installed retrospect version 7.5 with a 30 day trail version. -> the same problem. Is the tech support in german or en english?
  16. Hello, i unlicend the exchange server and add the license back and the problem is still on. we have an rbu account with the right permissions. i don't know what can i do!!!
  17. hello, i've got the same problem. do you fix this problem?