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    Retrospect window text invisible

    I too have posted a few times about this issue. No one seems to know what the issue is and it's happening to a lot of our customers and it's getting very annoying now! The suggestion that it's to do with 64bit OS is not true. It happens on 32bit too. Restarting the machine will fix the problem as that restarts the retrorun.exe service, which if you stop that service manually you will be able to get back into Retrospect. But i'm very very sure you will have this problem again soon. Do you have any AV software running? I'm thinking that may be that is causing it? I'm testing a few things at the moment to with the AV software running. If i find anything i will post back. Any other info would be great!
  2. abbeycomp

    7.5 crashing with messed up screen

    This issue is happening on non 64bit OS's though? Most of our customers are running Retrospect 7.5 on Windows SBS 2003.
  3. abbeycomp

    7.5 crashing with messed up screen

    The only way i've gotten round this issue is to create a new user in AD and add the same groups as the built-in backup user. From within Retrospect go under Configure/Preferences and then under Execution/Security set it to "Always run Retrospect as the specified user" and type in the details of the newly created user. This is the only way i can get passed this issue but i would really love to know the cause and more importantly how to fix it permanently! Thanks