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  1. I've found the solution to this problem: Our virus scanner caused all the trouble while scanning the file setupapi.log during Restrospect was writing the snapshot. After excluding that file from scanning, everything worked fine. But one questions remains: Why does the problem only occur, when Retrospect backs up the whole drive. Backing up the data via subvolume folder, what means that the setupapi.log is also backed up, doesn't end up in taking so long until the snapshot for that specific subvolume folder containing the file is successfully written. Greetings, Oliver
  2. We have Restrospect Small Business Server Premium V7.5.387 running on a Windows 2003 Server. This server is backing up itself with two local drives (c: and d:) an the exchange server. The backing up of the data drive (d:) and the exchange server works fine and it just takes minutes to finish this process. When it comes to the system drive (c:), the backing up time is ok, but the snapshots takes a very long time (several hours) to be written. The snapshot is really large (~200 MB) and I compared it to the one from drive d: which contains dramatically more files and folders than the system drive, but this snapshot is round about 30 MB big. Then I created several subvolume folders for each local folder in the root directory of the system drive and started a backup with the subvolume folders and guess what, then the complete backup process finished in a few minutes including the snapshot. The question now is, what is going on here? Why does the backup of the local drive takes such a long time, whereas the backup of the subvolume folder finishes in several minutes? Edit: By the way, It has nothing to do with the tape drive. Backing up to disk also ends up in a slow writing of the snapshots. Regards, Oliver