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  1. In the process of my trouble shooting I had reinstalled the client. Upon changing the Retrospect client on the exchange server to use the same account as my RBU resolved my issue.
  2. MultiServer Version 7.7.341 Exchange 2003 Sp2 all current patches Retrospect crashed a few weeks back in the middle of a backup on Exchange. Unfortunately I don't have the logs from the crash. I was not able to get it to back up individual user mailboxes after that. Main Exchange Store and disks continued to backup fine until now. I get the following error: T-2: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: Creating new MAPI session. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: Failure to delete profile, win error = 0x80070005. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: This will prevent use of Exchange backup. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: Profile must be removed. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: failure in CreateProfile, win error = 0x80070005. T-2: TMapiConnection::TMapiConnection: Unable to use profile, win error 0x80070005 T-2: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: couldn't intialize mailboxes due to a prior error. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: Failure to delete profile, win error = 0x80070005. I did not change any settings of the RBU. I have tried adding removing license and removing and reinstating volumes and server within application. I have reinstalled Exchange service pack and have ran fixmapi.exe and ran some tests with MFCMAPI which seemed to indicate my RBU could access everything OK. The only profile listed was MS Exchange settings and the test one I created. Any further suggestions would be appreciated I am at a loss and now have no backups on the exchange server.
  3. The only thing I see on the XP client logs relative to WMI is the following warning: A provider, HiPerfCooker_v1, has been registered in the WMI namespace, Root\WMI, to use the LocalSystem account. This account is privileged and the provider may cause a security violation if it does not correctly impersonate user requests It occurs on both machines. I was reading about it around the net and tried the FIXWMI.cmd file found here: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=193534&SiteID=1 Reboot both machines and attempted the save again and received: Can't back up WMI Repository, error 35365280
  4. Ok I forgot the client and added it back to the database. I still get WMI errors: Can't back up WMI Repository, error 51224992 Thank you for the response.
  5. Using Retropsect 7.5.508 with server update and hot fix of I am getting WMI errors on the only XP PRO SP2 machines that I back up since the last update. All of my Server 2003 boxes, and Linux boxes are fine. "Can't back up WMI Repository, error 45916576: is the error for one machine "Can't back up WMI Repository, error -1101" is the error for the second. I have ran the WMI diagnosis utility provided by microsoft and came back with no errors. Tried the backups and continued to get WMI errors. I then tried the command lines referenced in the above articles to rebuild and then attempted another save and received the same errors. Both machines are fully updated with the most recent applicable Microsoft updates as of this date. Any suggestions would be appreciated.