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    Where are the Company responses?

    Sorry Robin, but you've spoiled us and you have only yourself to blame! For many of us you've been the face of EMC and the best source of Retrospect answers and solutions, and for years your prompt responses not only reflected favorably on EMC, but made this product more valuable and dependable for us customers. While the ticket system works, I'll bet you a cold one that most problems are solved much quicker and easier via your quick forum responses. Hopefully, your new duties will eventually enable you to resume the quick and personal touch the forum allows. Good luck. - Dave
  2. I notice it's been 5 days since a company response has been posted by a Roxio/Retrospect representative. Is everyone on vacation, or perhaps you're having server or adjustment problems? In the not too distant past company responses were posted within hours, and frequently minutes. Is this the new Roxio Retrospect Support? If so, why should I continue to purchase and depend on this product, since it seems like it no longer lives up to the previous EMC standards that I bought? Thanks. - Dave
  3. dnpeters

    Windows 7 Restore Using Emergency Recovery Disc Won't Boot

    You guys are good! I previously arrived at the same solution. I'd also recommend Mozy (an EMC product) for data. Good luck. - Dave
  4. "Dave, you don't want Retrospect 8 in its present condition." Thanks Russ, I'm still learning that it isn't always prudent to immediately buy the latest and the greatest. I hope that Robin and EMC recognize that none of our comments are meant to demean Retrospect. We all have a considerable investment (time and money) in this product, and we want it to be the best. I hope our concerns and constructive criticisms are taken in the spirit that they're intended. - Dave
  5. Robin - While the 7.7 DR feature is nice, it isn't the reason I paid to upgrade. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like every paid upgrade mentions bug fixes. Since the reason we use these products is to protect our data, bugs, particularly known bugs that might compromise the integrity of our data isn't something most of us can afford, thus the necessity of paying for the latest version. So, I paid to upgrade to 7.7 and will probably pay to upgrade to 7.8, 7.9 or 8.0 when they're ready, not because of any new features, but because I can't ignore the fact that my existing version may not be as safe as I think it is. I don't mind paying for an annual upgrade, but more often than that would get a little irritating. - Dave
  6. Come on Robin, let's cut to the chase. 7.6 had some serious problems and we were able, for a price, to upgrade to 7.7. Now you tell us there are fixes on the way and I hope we aren't expected to pay for them. But, the bottom line is that 8.0, which we're supposed to believe will make everything right, is in the wings and it's a safe bet we'll be expected to pay again. I have/had a lot of respect for Retrospect, but give us a break. Please tell me I'm not going to have to pay for TWO and maybe THREE upgrades to fix existing problems in the space of a few months. I bought your products, including Mozy, simply because I wanted a reliable backup system, but I'm starting to get an uncomfortable feeling that this may be a marketing ploy. I did not think I was buying a subscription to a continuing series of necessary updates required to fulfill the original promise of a reliable backup system. Please tell me I'm wrong. - Dave
  7. Rich - I share some of your frustration. While I happen to have a couple of iPhones and may make my next notebook a Mac, my primary interest is protecting my Windows machines, and it seems like the Windows platforms get a lower priority in the Retrospect development scheme. Maybe Retrospect started with Apple, and they're trying to stay true to their roots. Nonetheless, even though Apple may be a superior platform, most business action is with Windows. What am I missing here? I respectively suggest that if EMC sees it's future with Apple instead of Windows, they better make it a LOT more user friendly than it presently is. - Dave
  8. dnpeters

    Need *.inf driver file for my network card

    John - I found your experience locating a necessary network .inf file interesting, because I also store my backups on a MyBookWorld drive. I just checked the System32 files on both my computers and they're both about 2 gig. Since other .inf and system files might be necessary during a restoration, I'm wondering if a good solution would be to copy the entire System32 folder to a DVD and transfer that folder to the computer prior to starting the DR procedure. Do you think this would resolve any needed file problems, or might it cause other problems? Thanks. - Dave
  9. dnpeters

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    The URL adjacent to the license code is where you want to go. When I attempted to manually enter the new 7.7 license code, I also had the difficulty you're experiencing. But, when I copied and pasted the code, even though the email says not to do that, it worked and I was able to proceed with the download. Good luck. - Dave
  10. dnpeters

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    No, that's not the link you want. You'll be receiving another email which will provide you with the link and license code that you'll need to download the 350 MB upgrade. They had some problems with the FTP download site and this final email was delayed. I got mine last night and had no problems downloading and installing the upgrade. The new disaster recovery image, which you'll need to burn to a CD, is also included in the download. I backed up both my computers last night and everything worked as it should. I haven't tried to boot from the DR CD, but will later today. Good luck. - Dave
  11. dnpeters

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    Robin - I just talked with Customer Service and because of the FTP site difficulties they are backed-up, but are attempting to process some orders manually. They're confident that my authorization code and link will be sent to me by this time tomorrow. While this is upsetting (aren't all computer problems?) I'd be remiss if I didn't express my appreciation for the courteous treatment I've received in each of my 4 conversations with them. Hang in there! - Dave
  12. dnpeters

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    They are having some problems. I was unable to upgrade via the website from 7.6 to 7.7 this morning and called Support at about 11:00 AM. My order was taken and I immediately received an email confirmation, but not the promised email with the authorization code and download link. I had been told the email with the authorization code and download link would arrive within 10 minutes. At 12:35 PM I still hadn't received anything, so I called again and was told I'd get it within 10 minutes. At 3:20 PM I called again and was told there was a problem with their FTP download site and they were working on it. While this is disappointing, I can understand computer problems and told them I'd wait till tomorrow, but for a product and service that we depend on for dependability, this is disappointing. I did my part and paid my money and I REALLY need this product. It's now 11:52 PM and still no email. No, at the present time I'm not a happy camper! - Dave
  13. dnpeters

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    I also had trouble upgrading from 7.6 to 7.7 using the email link. After entering my 7.6 license code I was given a VERY reasonable upgrade price for an electronic download, but when I clicked the Select button I was taken to a page that showed a much higher price for a boxed version; no electronic download option was provided. A call to Support resolved the problem and I'm presently waiting for their email giving me the codes and download link. Regarding the upgrade cost, in my case it was surprisingly inexpensive and, if the new DR procedure works, is a real bargain. Thanks. - Dave
  14. dnpeters

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    The pages explaining the 7.7 update are a little confusing, since they say "for use with licensed versions of Retrospect 7.7 only". I'm "assuming" it should say it's for licensed versions of 7.6, and thus a free update rather than a charged upgrade. If I'm wrong, please let me know. Thanks. - Dave
  15. dnpeters

    Retrospect 8 for Windows

    Hopefully this isn't too off-topic. Since 7.7 seems to be delayed because of some disaster recovery issues, is Acronis True Image a reasonable temporary DR substitute? I'm very uncomfortable not having my Win 7 computers protected against the unthinkable. Thanks. - Dave