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    excluding source folders

    Please point me to the tutorial that will show me the simplest way to back up my C drive except for about three folders. I can't find a simple way to exclude them. Thanks. Retrospect 7.5 Windows XP Home
  2. Snoopcity

    excluding source folders

    To elaborate: I can exclude specific folders if I run an immediate backup, but I can't find a way to do the same with a scripted backup. Can Express do this? Just a hint would be helpful: point me to the correct tutorial so that I don't have to wade through hours of tutorials from the beginning. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone found an answer to this yet?
  4. Snoopcity

    Duplicate problem

    For some time now I have had a Duplicate script scheduled to run twice a week on my home computer (Windows XP Home, Retrospect Express 7.5). Since it functions as an incremental backup, it normally takes only about ten minutes. The last three times, Duplicate has launched by deleting the existing Duplicate folders and files, thus requiring it to recopy everything each time. I haven't edited the script, unless I'm computing in my sleep. How can I return it to incremental duplication? It's making me very nervous to see the entire Duplicate deleted each time. Thank you.
  5. Snoopcity


    I'm running Windows XP home edition and just purchased Retrospect 7.5. I'm having a great deal of difficulty understanding the difference between the duplication options. I want my backup media to contain an exact copy of my hard drive, changed as it changes, without having to reduplicate files each time. Why is this so complicated? Can somebody rescue me?
  6. Snoopcity


    Here's what I don't get. Replace Entire Disk "will replace the current contents, if any, on the destination volume with the current source data. Retrospect will not re-copy any files that are identical to files already on the destination drive." If Retrospect does not re-copy the files that are identical on both the source and the destination, will these files no longer be on the destination drive when the data is replaced? Or do they mean that files identical on both source and destination will be left intact on the destination drive, files deleted from the source drive will be deleted on the destination drive, and files changed on the source drive will be changed on the destination drive? This second option is the one I'm looking for. If Replace Entire Disk does not do this, what does? I want my destination drive to exactly match my source drive . . . preferably without recopying every file every time. Thank you for your input. P.S. Love your Grover persona.