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    Retrospect 7.7 - Windows 7 - Activity Monitor

    I am also trying to figure out Activity Monitor now that I am using Windows 7. It doesn't seem to show anything useful that I can see. Just a gray box with a power button. What happens if something goes wrong with the backup; for example, if the external hard drive I use for backups is not present or is turned off? Will Windows 7 display a message? Will Activity Monitor show a message? Previously, Retrospect would pause the backup and prompt for a new member of the backup set. Without access to this dialog, does the backup remain stalled in the background?
  2. cliffskier

    Recreation is only partially complete

    I solved it by deleting the re-created catalog file and trying again. I think the problem occurred because the external drive's power supply failed during the re-creation.
  3. I installed Retrospect 7.6 on my new computer running Windows 7 for the first time. I am trying to access the backup set for the old computer from an external hard drive, but when I try to recreate the catalog it only shows one snapshot from 6/1/2010. There are .rdb files on the backup disk going up to 7/29/2010, but I don't see any signs of files after 6/1 in the catalog. Can you tell me how to get the rest of the backups into the catalog?
  4. cliffskier

    Firewall woes

    I still have not been able to solve this problem. What is puzzling is that Retrospect is able to find the client, and it begins to do the scanning step, but then it stops and reports a network communication error (519) partway through the scan. The log reports "Scanning incomplete." It almost seems as if there is a particular file that is tripping it up when it gets to it. As always, the problem does not occur if I disable the firewall on the client computer. Is there any way I can see more detail on what is happening during the scan? Does this symptom suggest any possible causes? Thanks, Cliff Lewis