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  1. I was using a REV drive fine. Bought a new 160 Gig Imation Odyssey drive and now Retrospect is choking. Drive is mounted on desktop, but Retrospect doesn't see it. I've enabled prefs for removeables, to no avail. Drive is seen if I power off drive with disk in it, and then turn on and reinsert disk. When script goes to second machine, it fails to see drive until I power off and reinsert. Then on completion, Retrospect hangs. Have to force quit after powering off the Odyssey. When I tried to do the script using File instead of Removeable, Retrospect tried to write the file to my hard disk instead. I wasn't given an option of where to locate the file. Any thoughts on this? harris@dancingfrog.net thanks
  2. Quote: Mayoff said: Retrospect can read and restore from 5.1 tapes. If you need to erase a 5.1 tape, go to Configure>Backup Sets and forget the corrosponding backup set. You can then manually erase the tapes from that set. Yes but alas I cannot use the same tape and continue to add to it correct? In my useage I rotate three tapes and the one that is most full gets erased, after about 6 months. That way I keep about 6 months backward archive. If in order to use the tapes under V6 I need to erase them then I lose this. Either that or I don't use v 6 until the tape is full. Very very not so nice.. no?javascript:void(0)
  3. AS I ran Retro 6 I found that my scripts would not run with a pre 6 catalog file. When I tried to recycle, I found it wouldn't use the same tape either as it was possessed by a pre 6 catalog. This is the first time I'm aware that Dantz has made a non backward compatible file structure which requires a complete new catalog for scripts before running the script. I'm amazed to say the least. At this point the only real solution for me is to keep v 5.1 on the disk for tapes that are older until I recycle them. Not a great solution guys!!
  4. I've got a Yamaha Firewire CRW F1DX drive that burns at 44X under toast nicely. When I fireup Retrospect 5.1 and do a back up to it, it burns at a creeping 25megs a min with or without compression on. What's the story here? I should be doing about 10 times that speed. Any thoughts?? Bob Harris harris@bhc.com
  5. What about the clients issue?? I'm running OLD OS9 Clients on another machine.. will this be a problem?
  6. Any luck with fixing the clients issue?? what is the official Dantz word on compatibility with 10.2.4 and Retrospect?? I'm running a VXA 1 firewire drive and would not like to update the os until I get some official word.. harris@bhc.com
  7. My firewire VXA works fine on OSX 10.2.3 and Retrospect 5.0238 with the RDU 3.2.104. However when I updated to the RDU 3.3.104 I notice the Tape drive acted wierd. It would go into the record mode and sit there when it was to be idling causing some problems. Switching back to the older RDU alleviated the problem. Has anyone else noted this problem? harris@bhc.com
  8. Thanks. I think you were right it was probably a corrupted RDU.. I downloaded the one from Dantz instead of the one I got from Versiontracker on 12/23 and now it works ok.. thanks for the help!!
  9. Yes I will download and check. Did you notice the yellow arrow lite stays on during idle instead of the green lite?
  10. Normally when I launch a script, the VXA drive is in idle using the RDU 3.2, with only the solid green light in the center lit. With the new RDU 3.3, the VXA drive sits with the amber record arrow lit. And it is balky at responding to the script starting the drive. I also notice it being in the record mode when I inserted a tape and it was just idling with the RDU 3.3 So my question to you still stands. Have they changed something in the RDU 3.3 that affects VXA tape drives????
  11. Amy: Has there been any change in the way this driver addresses VXA drives? I seem to have a problem that crept in with this driver that wasn't there before. It seems to make the drive sit in the record mode instead of idle when the drive is supposed to be in idle..any thoughts on this?
  12. bobfharris

    OSX 10.2.3

    Hi I too note a problem with the latest RDU 3.3.104 on my VXA drive. (see my post under VXA). It all went away when I reinstalled the RDU 3.2.104
  13. What is the compatibility with OSX 10.2.3?? What about hardware? (I'm running a VXA firewire and gun shy about upgrading).. Is Retrospect 5.0.238 compatible and capable of a full restore?
  14. bobfharris

    OSX 10.2.3

    >Our preliminary testing has not exposed any incompatibilities between 10.2.3 and Retrospect. < Interesting. I received this reply from Customer Service: Dear Bob, Thank you for your interest in Retrospect. Unfortunately the current update is not compatible with the new OSX 10.2.3 update. If you have additional questions please call us at 1-800-225-4880 Regards, Cindy Dantz Customer Service Methinks there is some communication gap here...
  15. bobfharris

    VXA Firewire OSX 10.2.1

    Sounds interesting. At least you are able to back up that way. However it doesn't address whether you can do a full restore from that back up.. Tech support said that you cannot as they don't yet support 10.2 and the permissions were messed up. That may be fixed in 10.2.1 Being able to restore is of key importance.. and aside from seeing the drive, the other main issue I'm having Rebooting to see the drive.. i may as well reboot into os 10.1.5 to run it..
  16. Running a VXA Firewire on OSX 10.1.5 works fine. On OSX 10.2(1), device is not seen. I assume the port mapping change is responsible for lack of device support, and assume Dantz is at work on this (achem).. But here's the real question. Can I back up my 10.2.1 drive running Retrospect on a 10.15 boot drive as an interim solution and will I be able to do a complete restore as per the usual guidelines?
  17. I recently called tech support regarding an issue restoring from my vxa tape drive. I was told that at this time Retrospect does not support Jaguar. That is currently I cannot do a complete restore of the drive from a tape for Jaguar. It was a matter of the permissions and a few other items. As I understand it to do a complete restore of a drive you first have to wipe the drive, do a clean install of the OS, bring it to the same level as the tape and then run complete restore. and it is this function which is not supported by the current version. The unclarity remains as I see it, will this work over a network using retropect on an OS9 machine or an osx 10.15 using the latest client which is Jaguar compatible. Can you do a complete restore this way currently? and not via the program? Or not at all?
  18. 1. I too noticed the very noticible pausing with the VXA drive firewire model on Retrospect 5 (I have the latest rev, latest firmware, and os 10.1.4) 2. I also noticed that on completion of a script it doesn't rewind the tape and quit the software though I've configured it to do that..