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  1. Sorry for the late reply but this did fix the problem. What confused me was that I had rebooted the system after the update. Apparently it took a second reboot to clear out the problem. Thanks for the tip. Paul
  2. I applied the latest updates to Vista 64 and rebooted. Starting Retrospect 7.6 now brings up a blue window with rounded corners. There is an X in the upper right and also in the upper right there is what looks like a power button i.e.. a 1 in a circle. There is nothing else. The box title says EMC Retrospect and is white on a blue box with horizontal white lines and rounded corners. Clicking the power button brings up another copy of this blue box. I have gone to the Programs directory and run Retrospect directly and get the same box. I have used "Run as administrator" with no change. The bottom line is that I am down and have no way to restore, do a backup, check status, etc. I hope someone can help.