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    Problem with ZFS

    Does Retrospect intentionally ignoring filesystems it doesn't recognize, or is it looking for some aspect of the mount point and getting confused? When I ran Zevo, it backed up fine. I'm wondering what Zevo might have been doing differently to allow Retrospect to read the drive.
  2. I recently migrated my usage of the ZFS filesystem on OS X from the Zevo implementation to OpenZFS. With Zevo, Retrospect didn't properly recognize the ZFS partition, but it would still back up the contents. With OpenZFS, Retrospect reports the ZFS partition as SMBFS and states that it is offline. Has anyone worked with using Retrospect to backup ZFS partitions or have any ideas to convince Retrospect to process the the data that was mounted from this partition?
  3. thePoet

    Sudden Loss Of Serial Number

    Good new and strange news. I rebooted the entire computer, and now it all works. I hadn't done this as it seemed an extremely unlikely fix when restarting retrospect server from the control panel didn't do anything. But, I hadn't gotten any response from the official support forums, so I figured I'd give it a try. Oddly, it had been running the entire time, so I still have backups. Somehow the client access had gotten itself into this state, and somehow rebooting fixed it.
  4. thePoet

    Sudden Loss Of Serial Number

    The file is there. I went ahead and tried shutting down the server, removing the file, and restarting. I still have the same problem. I tried entering in random gibberish, and it went through the same process appearing to allow the serial briefly, so I'm guessing my serial is being denied for some reason. I'm not sure how to proceed.
  5. I connected to the retrospect server this morning, and it has forgotten my license key. I reentered the key, the server appeared to accept it (asked me to register), and then promptly forgot the license again and required me to enter it again. After going through this circle I realized I wasn't going to get it to run this way. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. thePoet

    Deferred Till 2037

    I thought I'd mention that the catalog file is on the same drive as the backups. So, this catalog file also goes away when the drive is offsite. I don't remember if this started when I made that change or not.
  7. I have several scripts that run weekly for my offsite backup. Their destination is set to one of several drive-based media sets that may or may not be attached to the computer when the script triggers (depending on whether that source if offsite or not). Most of the time the script simply fail and set themselves to try again the next week, however, every once in a while they set themselves as deferred and try again in 2037. When this happens, it happens to all of the scripts that fail. Is this expected behavior, and if so, is there something short of remembering to disable and re-enable all my different scripts when I swap media sets that I can do to work around this. Fixing the issue means I have to delete and re-add the schedule as the calendar tool takes a very long time to roll it back to 2011.
  8. I migrated Retrospect 8.2 to a new computer recently and have been having a series of problems ever since. One of the current annoyances is that Media Sets regularly forget all their members and won't back up anything to them anymore. When I add the member back, I receive an error that the location was already a member, and suddenly it shows up for a while. But eventually it will forget it again. Any ideas what would cause this?
  9. thePoet

    Copy Backup Clarification

    That makes sense. It would be nice to be able to pick multiple media sets so that I don't have to create a script per for creating my offsite backups. That is what I did when I was using copy media set, but I was wasting a lot of unnecessary space copying old backups that I didn't need in the offsite.
  10. thePoet

    Copy Backup Clarification

    Great thanks. I started putting together a new set of scripts, and I found myself confused. What does "Copy most recent backups for each selected source" mean? I thought that this meant that it would performce the copy, as described above, for multiple sources that I could choose from. However, you can only select one source (unlike copy media set where you can select several).
  11. thePoet

    Copy Backup Clarification

    Any chance anyone can validate this?
  12. I wanted to double check my understanding of Copy Backup before I change my offsite strategy. I'm currently using Copy Media Set for my offsite backup. This copies a lot of data I don't care about. Am I correct that Copy Backup will copy only the most recent version of a file that is in the media set, and if the last backup did not actually update the file because it was update in the backup in a previous backup, that too will be copied. In other words: Day 1: FileA is backed up to Media Set Day 2: FileA is not backed up because the version already exists on the Media Set Day 3: New Copy Backup is performed and FileA from Day 1 is copied, even though it was not backed up on Day 2.
  13. I am trying to filter out live database files. Here is the exclusion code I'm using: Any ___All ______Folder : Windows Path : ends with : Database ______File : Name : is : blwmed.db ___All ______Folder : Windows Path : ends with : Database ______File : Name : is : blwmed.log My intent with this is to exclude all file at *\Database\blwmed.db and *\Database\blwmed.log. Instead, it is excluding all blwmed.db and blwmed.log files in the entire system.
  14. Are there any suggestion for a better way to do offsite repository with Retrospect? FTP won't work for me, and I've been having issues with error when writing to AFP mounted drives (same configuration as described above, but I mounted the drive with using AFP).
  15. One more thing. My test ftp server and retrospect server are on the same subnet. So, it shouldn't matter if Retrospect uses the PORT command instead of PASV, it should work either way since they are in the same IP range. My final location for the ftp server is off the internal subnet, which will make this a big issue (and possibly not solvable since both servers will be behind a NAT), but for the current test setup, it should work. By the way, PASV is required by the RFC for the server to implement for it to be considered an ftp server implementation, and OS X does support it. However, it's use by the client isn't required in anyway. The server will attempt to communicate using whatever means the client requests. It just means that the Retrospect server can't be behind a NAT of any sort (which isn't an option for me).