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  1. I have also installed the new version (6.1.230) and upgraded the clients to 6.2.229 and so far so good! I am able to make full backups of the Leopard clients now without the network communication error, instead of backing them up subvolume by subvolume. I have not (yet) noticed clients turning themselves off. I am able to backup with a screen saver running on the server - I previously could only use the monitor's energy saver which wasn't very secure (no password protection). I actually successfully made it through an unattended backup of 20 computers on the network over the weekend - I can't recall when I last was able to do that! This upgrade was none too soon - I had all but given up on Retrospect due to these issues; now I feel I should give it another chance! I'm now looking at upgrading my external HDs. I currently have 2 Maxtor 250GBs that I've had for 5+ years but these are filling up fast now (recycle backup needed every month or two). I'm thinking 1TB or 2TB drives - any suggestions for reliable brands/sizes? I've had pretty good luck with the Maxtors- one flaked out after a year or two but Maxtor replaced it without hassle. Thanks! Tim Sachi
  2. Glad it worked for you! I found it is only temporary so you can't rely on it to schedule full backups or even totally complete an immediate backup as you've found. I now use subvolumes to backup all my leopard clients as it is fairly reliable. I just make sure everything on the client at the hard disk level is in folders that I define as subvolumes. I'm hoping they fix this issue eventually but I'm looking into other backup solutions. I've read lots of posts since the first of the year that mention upcoming upgrades that might fix these issues but haven't seen any actual upgrades come out - that concerns me. Yes, it appears this thread is all but dead which also concerns me. Have people solved this issue or have they just all given up, as I pretty much have? I just check this forum every month or so to see if there's any new info. Anyway, Good Luck!
  3. Gregory, Please see my post in the "Intel 10.5.1 retrospect network communication error" thread - it may be a temporary solution for one of your issues, specifically, the Net Retry, 519 error message issue. Tim Sachi
  4. I have discovered a fix - at least temporary - to the scanning problem of my 10.5.x clients resulting in a 519 network error after an immediate or scripted backup attempt: You get a "Net Retry; Scanning: 1 folder 0 files" message in a window while it is attempting backup, after which (about 4 minutes later), you get a 519 error message (Network Communication failed). I discovered the fix is to shut down the 10.5.X client, then start up into Safe Boot Mode (hold the shift key down while starting up), log into an OS X user account while in Safe mode (I'm not sure if this is necessary), then shut down again, then boot up normally (without holding down the shift key). After this (but maybe not permanently) you will be able to backup the client without the Net Retry error. This has worked for me on 3 different 10.5.X clients that I have had trouble backing up since the start of the year, when I purchased/installed these new Leopard clients. One caveat: After fixing the problem using this method, I aborted an immediate backup after I saw it was scanning correctly, but then the Net Retry problem returned on that client, which I again fixed by rebooting that client to safe mode and then normal mode again. I realize that this may not be a permanent fix but it does seem to work consistently for me and may point to a more permanent solution if someone can find out what booting to the safe mode is doing that is fixing the issue, at least temporarily. I suggest those having similar problems (Stalling during client scan, Net Retry, 519 errors) try this fix and see if it works for you and then let us know. I've been away from this forum for a few months and didn't re-read all the posts in this thread, so maybe someone else already found a solution, but I just stumbled on this today and thought I should let others know... Good Luck! Tim Sachi
  5. Quote: Red herrings are the big danger, and this thread has already had its fair share. I'll have to disagree with you on this point. Sometimes the answer is found in these seemingly "Red Herrings." I'm not saying to go totally off subject but you are apparently implying that my comment about having Net Retry errors on a non-Leopard client is what you consider one of the Red Herrings, when it actually might point to a broader cause of the problem. Anyway, I think I've run my course on this thread except to browse it now and then to see if a solution ever emerges. I think the thread contains a lot of useful info for anyone at EMC trying to tackle this problem, which I hope they do soon. Good Luck and Take Care!! Tim Sachi
  6. Quote: Quote: This whole thread discusses the same problem I have been having (Net Retry error when trying to back up a leopard client) ... snip ... For example: today I came back to find Retrospect stuck with a Net Retry error on a user (Raylene) until I aborted it. ... Note: This is not a Leopard client. Certainly one of the difficulties the engineers will have is the contradictorily nature of a report such as this. Saying "my problem is with Leopard clients" and then providing an anecdote about a non-Leopard client simply adds to the confusion. I have always been suspicious of screen savers on Mac OS X in regards to background computing. I have no idea what your Operations Log might indicate (it is odd), but I'd suggest changing your Energy Saver settings to put the display to sleep, and set your screen saver to Never. It seems like you purposely "snipped" out the context to make what I said seem more contradictory. I was trying to point out that this isn't the only problem I've been having with Retrospect. It seems like your constantly looking to correct others and you're not satisfied until you do. I have given enough examples of my problem throughout this thread, as have many others. I do appreciate your feedback, except for the parts that seem like an attempt to make others feel like they're stupid. That said, I will try the energy saver suggestion. I know that putting the computer to sleep prevents backup from occurring but I never tried just the display sleep (apart from screen savers, which I've never had a problem with in the past)
  7. Quote: "If you have Leopard on non-intel Macs, you will still need to upgrade to this version and run it in Rosetta mode." Rosetta is emulation software that allows Intel based Macintosh computers to run software that was created exclusively for PPC based Macintosh computers. As such, non-intel Macs don't run Rosetta at all, ever, in any sense. I stand corrected! I apparently wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote that. I should've said that they would come out with a new companion version designed for non-intel Macs running Leopard that you would still need to upgrade to to solve this issue, but it sounds like a may be wrong with this prediction anyway (hopefully!)
  8. Quote: Will the universal client fix the problem you are reporting? I don't know because you are not seeing a problem I have ever been able to reproduce in a leopard environment. This whole thread discusses the same problem I have been having (Net Retry error when trying to back up a leopard client). If you (or EMC in general) are not able to reproduce it, I have little hope of it being fixed. Sorry for my cynicism. It's just very frustrating trying to work with backup software that doesn't work reliably anymore. It is rare now that my weekend unattended backup is successful, even though I've done a workaround on this Leopard issue. I invariably have one client that Retrospect gets stuck on until I come back to it after the weekend and abort trying to backup that client that it is stuck on. For example: today I came back to find Retrospect stuck with a Net Retry error on a user (Raylene) until I aborted it. Below is the log. Interesting that it says stopped by operator on 1/19/2008 at 1:21:56 AM even though no-one was around to stop it until I came in this morning and stopped it (1/22/2008 at 9:59:09 AM). One suspicion I have is the screen saver as it was on screen saver when I came in (standard Apple screen saver - I do not allow system sleep to occur). The rest of my backups, which didn't occur, I have set for this evening. I have to do this almost every week. Note: This is not a Leopard client. 1/19/2008 1:26:50 AM: Connected to Raylene - 1/19/2008 1:26:51 AM: Copying Macintosh HD on Raylene… 1/19/2008 1:26:51 AM: Execution stopped by operator. 1/22/2008 9:59:09 AM: Execution stopped by operator. Total performance: 0.1 MB/minute with 0% compression Total duration: 04:26:23 (84:22:52 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 1/22/2008 10:03 AM
  9. If EMC is focusing all their efforts on the universal binary version and ignoring this problem, they might want to re-establish their priorities or they risk losing their customer base in the interim. Backup software that cannot be relied on to accomplish backups is very serious! I can almost guess the scenario: EMC will come out with the universal binary version (7.x) and fix this "Net Retry" error on that version, then they will say (admit) that all the older versions are not Leopard compatible so you must upgrade to the newer version if you have Leopard, which will cost you $$$. If you have Leopard on non-intel Macs, you will still need to upgrade to this version and run it in Rosetta mode (or they will have a companion non-intel version 7.x that you can upgrade to). Either way, it's going to cost you. Hopefully, EMC will dispel my cynicism and actually fix this problem on version 6. Good Luck!
  10. I've been away from this thread for awhile as I've worked around the issue by backing up just specific sub-volumes and it is apparent this problem will only be solved when EMC realizes it is a major issue and starts to address it. The big problem I see with this error is it's inconsistency. You can get it to work or not work just by trying backup at a different day/time without changing anything. Try to duplicate the error several times throughout the day for several days without making a change and you'll see... Obviously something is changing (or some state of the client machine is changing) but finding it will be very difficult. The fact that you sometimes get it to work after making a change "tricks" you into thinking you've solved the issue only to have the problem return later (maybe after you made another change so you think you undid your fix). I can see that this is happening to people as I read these posts. This happened to me several times; once after changing the ACL setting as someone suggested - it seemed to then work; however, I couldn't get it to stop working by changing the ACL setting back, then it stopped working again later and the ACL trick never worked again. I then discovered that if you just keep trying backup at different times without changing anything, you'll eventually get it to work. I used this technique to get my full backups of each Leopard client on each backup disk and then I set my unattended backups to just back up specific sub-volumes on those clients, which always works. One thing I thought of that might change each time without intervention is the preferences so maybe this is a place to look - ? As more and more Leopard clients emerge, EMC will either need to solve this issue or go out of the backup business. If I had a few more Leopard clients, I couldn't use Retrospect due to this issue, so I am looking around... Good Luck!!
  11. I haven't been able to spend much time on this lately but I did get a successful backup of one of the clients again last night. I then tried both clients this morning. The client that worked last night appeared to be working again (it proceeded to scan past the 1 folder, 0 files message) but the other client is again getting the Net Retry/Communication error. I had the user read the status message in the Retrospect client app while I attempted to do the backup and she said it first said "Connected" and then "In Use by Root for Scanning" which remained until the scanning gave up (error message at backup server) and the Status message changed backed to "Ready." I recall that if you abort the scanning before getting that message, the client gets stuck on "In Use by Root for Scanning" and prevents subsequent access from the server with the message "Client is Reserved" until you stop and start the client inside the client app. Just another 2 cents worth from me... Tim Sachi
  12. Here is a copy/paste of the log for a "successful" immediate backup attempt followed by 2 other attempts that each gave an error. Actually, I was doing this from my laptop (PowerBook G4) and trying to backup to a backup file on the laptop but there wasn't enough space so the backup stopped (but it was successful as far being able to scan the client): ? Retrospect version 6.1.138 launched at 12/19/2007 3:14 PM + Retrospect Driver Update, version + Normal backup using Jennifer C at 12/19/2007 3:15 PM To backup set Backup Set C… - 12/19/2007 3:15:36 PM: Copying Macintosh Jennifer on Jennifer… 12/19/2007 3:15:36 PM: Connected to Jennifer Not enough space for selected files. About 49.5 G more required. 12/19/2007 3:31:43 PM: Execution incomplete. Remaining: 763697 files, 61.4 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:16:07 (00:15:54 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 12/19/2007 3:31 PM ? Retrospect version 6.1.138 launched at 12/19/2007 3:57 PM + Retrospect Driver Update, version Error!!! Scanning incomplete, error 519 (network communication failed) Error!!! Scanning incomplete, error 519 (network communication failed) Quit at 12/19/2007 4:06 PM I was actually attempting backups from 2 different computers simultaneously (but not accessing the same client simultaneously) acting as the backup server, my PowerBoook G4 laptop and an Intel based Mac Mini, both on 10.4.11. When I noticed it started to work from my laptop backing up one of the Leopard clients (Jennifer, the one in the log above). I immediately attempted to back up the other Leopard client (Grecia), from the Mac Mini to an external hard disk; that backup succeeded totally; however, later on it stopped working again, from either backup server to either client. I restarted Jennifer's computer and had her not start to use any apps until I could attempt a backup but the backup still failed with the same communication error. As mentioned, these are my only clients on Leopard but they also have apps that most others don't have, namely the Adobe InDesign Suite of programs (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.). I have recently installed this Suite on my computer, but that is the backup server so I doubt it will fail; however, I did install it on another client iMac G5 running 10.4.11. Not an Intel Mac and not on Leopard but if it starts to fail on backup, that may point to InDesign. Both these Mac Pros have 5GB RAM and I have not connected any Time Machine hard drives. The users do, however, use file sharing between them to access each other's files. They are connected to our campus Ethernet - a very fast (1Gb) Ethernet and have static IP addresses. All of our computers are connected this way. Please give me more specific info about that kill/restart command (exact syntax). That sounds useful! As for the /.com.apple.timemachine.supported file, I was hesitant to delete a file a new nothing about and wasn't sure if it would be auto-recreated or not. I may try this though... I won't be able to try your pre-flight Immediate Backup suggestion until I return to work next Wed. The fact that it worked suddenly for both clients and from both backup servers at the same time (for an hour or so) makes me suspect something in the network connection, as if a network firewall was up most of the time but happened to be down for an hour or so, then went up again; but all the non-Leopard clients continued to work. Also, others on this thread are having essentailly the same issues. I just recalled that I did turn Appletalk on on one of the clients attempting to solve a printer issue. I think I left Appletalk on so I wonder if it may be related to that, although, I only did this on one of the clients. Just grasping at straws!! Thanks! Tim
  13. For now, I'll attempt to do a full backup every so often and hopefully get it to work at least once for each Leopard client and each of my backup media (2 X 250GB external hard disks) so I have a "skeleton" of each client disk on each backup media for restore if needed. For unattended backups, I've organized the Leopard client's hard disks to have only folders at the main hard disk level and only a couple folders besides the standard folders (Library, System, Users, Applications). In Retrospect, I've defined these folders (sub-volumes) and created groups (1 group per Leopard client) to contain them. I then select these groups as sources for my unattended backup instead of the Leopard clients' hard disks. Hopefully, this will be sufficient for restore if needed. Anyway, that's my plan until the problem gets fixed by EMC Insignia, if ever! Thanks! Tim Sachi
  14. The Scanning dialog box is the same size, shape, position window as the Net Retry Window. It appears that the Scanning Message just changes to a Net Retry message in the same window but it may be actually a new window that comes up in its place faster than can be perceived. Unlike what you are describing, after the Immediate backup dialog box turns gray, this scanning dialog box immediately displays on the screen and (when things are working) you can watch it count the files and folders as it finds them: For example, the dialog box appears as follows: Sanning... Macintosh HD on Betty Stop xxxxx folders, xxxxxx files The xxx's are constantly changing This changes to a message about xxxxx folders being updated and then goes back to the immediate backup window to start the backup...(but again, this is when things are working) When things aren't working, you just get the Scanning... message dialog box for a few seconds listing 1 folder and 0 files and then it goes to Net Retry... message (in the same dialog box apparently) and after several minutes, the error message (in a new dialog box) pops up as described previously. The only option is to click OK which aborts the attempted backup, which isn't making progress anyway! Thanks! Tim This is not immediate backup dialog box Yes, I'm doing immediate backups to test but scripted backups result in the same error. I never get
  15. The success was short-lived - the problem has returned! however, I was able to get a full backup of one of the 2 users while it was working. For about an hour or so, it was working on both clients, now neither client works again - Go-figure!! Tim