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  1. MacUnix

    Restore Using Agent 1.2

    No its not the date. Reto's Agent may have only a partical of the stores.
  2. MacUnix

    Restore Using Agent 1.2

    If I was you... 1. Stop Microsoft Exchange Information Store. 1. From your last backup, restore ALL files from MDBDATA to a TEMP folder. Not Retro's copy. 2. Make a Copy of the current & bad MDBDATA into TEMP2 folder. 3. DELETE current and bad MDBDATA folder. 4. Copy MDBDATA from TEMP to the correct location 5. Here's the trick, the logs in MDBDATA are key to bring the stores up-to-date. Compear the logs between TEMP & TEMP2. Notice the file names on the logs. There should be newer logs in TEMP2. Just move newer ones over. 6. Start Microsoft Exchange Information Store. 7. GOTO System Manager and see if the stores mounted. Goodluck
  3. MacUnix

    Restore Using Agent 1.2

    Forgot to mention that the Stores need to be mount also. The Agent will Mismount the stores, and turn off the services. I think its the Information Store Service only.
  4. MacUnix

    Restore Using Agent 1.2

    Been there done that. You need to have Exchange services running for the Agent to work. Hm... I don't remember reading that in the docs. Look under Administration Tools \ Services and make sure the services are running. If I remember there is 6 of 7 Microsoft Exchange services that should be running. These should be on / running. I'll send you my bill in the mail LOL Oh wait Dantz is only 70 per call what a deal. Info Store Managenment MTA POP3 Routing Engine IMAP4 System Attendent
  5. MacUnix

    Restore Using Agent 1.2

    I kept refreshing the directory to see if the file sizes changed. Most of the time I didn't notice any changes and kept wondering if it was running. IMHO, I think the lack of a progress bar is a huge oversight. I wonder if this was addressed in 1.3 of the agent.
  6. Hm...sorry I did't see any information on the changes in 1.3 on dantz web site. Can anyone point me to it?
  7. MacUnix

    Restore Using Agent 1.2

    I know how you feel. I did a replace with the agent and was wondering the same thing. I went to lunch and it was done when I came back. I had no idea if it was running or not. I guess it was. It took about 1 hrs for approx 2GB database stores. I was replacing dead stores with good ones (hopfully at the time) from the rtexchg directory onthe same drive. HTH, KAR BTW, I assume you know you can't just move the Exchange databases from one server to another. See MS site fo more info on this.
  8. Well not sure what this means then if it doesn't backup the M: drive. Where did "3582" files come from? I'm just trying to understand this. Script "Weekly" finished a "Normal" backup to "Week E" on "10/13/2002 4:12" "3582" files ("3717" KB) on "My Computer/Exchange (M:)" were backed up in "605" seconds. TIA, Keith
  9. Dantz please shine some light on this. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q298924
  10. MacUnix

    Starting Retrospect minimized

    How about Retrospect running as a service?
  11. Do you remember that link to uninstall Backup Exec? TIA
  12. Hi, After reading the docs & bbs I'm still a little unsure how to do the following: 1. Monthly Backup. Backup to a new tape each Tuesday of each new month. This tape would be used just during the first week of each month. This would use 12 tapes. 2. Weekly Backup. Roate between tapes, switching tapes every Tuesday execpt for the first Tueday of the month (see above). This would use 4 tapes although the most months use only 3. Week B, Week C, Week D, and Week E. I read the post "Backup Script for different tapes" which explained the weekly backup. But I'm not sure about the rest. Being new to Retrospect I'm guessing I need two scripts. TIA! Keith