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  1. I have Retrospect Linux Client 7.5.112 running with Ubuntu 7.04. I first made sure that my Ubuntu Client Machine could communicate with the Window XP machine by reading a file from a shared folder. Installed Bootup-Manager via Automatrix. From Terminal prompt, I ran "sudo apt-get install alien" (used to convert the rpm file to deb) From Terminal prompt, next you want to run " sudo alien -d -c retroclient-75_linux.rpm" to convert rpm file to a deb file Next I went in via Natilus and loaded the Deb file via the GDebi Package Installer. It prompts for an access password. Next I went into Bootup-Manager (System, Administration) and put a check next to "rcl" to allow client to load during startup. Other than normal Retrospect setup, I used the "Sbackup" (loaded thru Automatix) as a template on what to backup. I delete "Sbackup" afterwards thru Automatix. I am backing up my Ubuntu files with Retrospect 7.5 server for Windows.