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  1. i use linux debian distribution
  2. I installed today retroclient 7.5 for tests (problem is still present), I tested with 2 network interfaces too, and then only with 1 interface (problem is still present in this case).
  3. hello I perform following steps: - start of retroclient (/etc/init.d/rcl start). - connect to retroclient from retrospect (from windows). Everything at this moment is ok... But, if i restart retroclient (/etc/init.d/rcl stop; /etc/init.d/rcl start) and then i will connect from retrospect i get error 525 (wrong client found at that address). When i run retroclient i see in logs this text: name: "myhostname" sn: "58125a5e12ec031a" remoteAddr: requestAddr: group: 2 OS type: 0 platform: 2 when i thereafter restart retroclient - sn field will be changed (i suppose this is not correct) Any ideas? retroclient 6.5.108