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  1. Computer doing the backups: Windows XP SP3 32-bit Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.123 Driver Update and Hot Fix Client computer that is failing: Windows Server 2008 SP1 64-bit Retrospect Client 7.6.107 I am able to see and add the client in Retrospect. However after I do that any attempt to access it fails with "Error -530: Backup client not found". Clicking the Tools or Volumes tab in the client properties, trying to browse the client or add subvolumes, nothing works. Occasionally attempting to browse or add subvolumes will cause Retrospect to hang with an hourglass, and no error will appear. The only way to start using Retrospect again is to end task on it and restart it. On the Windows Server 2008 box, services.msc says the Retrospect client service is running, but if I go to Control Panel and open 32-bit Control Panel Items and try to open the Retrospect Client options, nothing happens. If I right-click on the Retrospect Client icon and choose "Run as...", it will open, but under status it says "Client networking not available, or service not running." and everything is grayed out. I have seen some other threads about Vista/Server 2008 clients not working properly, it seems like this is probably a bug in the Retrospect Client. Any official word on this?
  2. Windows Server 2008 Standard 64-bit Exchange Server 2007 Standard SP1 (brand new install) Retrospect is installed on a Windows XP SP3 box. Retrospect Client is on the Windows 2008 server. When I go to Volumes and click on "Exchange Server", it asks me for a username and password. I tell it to use the current RBU information (I have set up the RBU account according to the KB article) and click OK. Several seconds later I get this error message: Retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at "elem.cpp-986" Then it wants to send a log to EMC. I have submitted the log already, but I can paste it here as well if necessary. I have tried rebooting both machines. The Exchange MAPI and CDO package is installed on the Windows 2008 server, and so is the Visual C++ 2005 redistributable. Can anyone help? We can't really start using Exchange until we have working backups. Edited to add: Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.123 Driver Update and Hot Fix
  3. Neither the client or the server have any firewalls turned on.
  4. Okay here is the sitrep... We have 2 servers, let's call them server1 and server2. server1 is running Windows Server 2008 32-bit, and has Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.111 installed with the latest driver update and hotfix package ( server2 is running Windows Server 2008 64-bit, and has Exchange 2007 installed, and the latest Retrospect client. I have a backup script that is backing up the Exchange Storage groups (there are two, one is for mailboxes and the other for public folders), and it works fine, there are no errors during the backup and it is definitely backing up the storage groups. However none of the Exchange transaction logs are getting cleared, and there are now over 60,000 log files with more appearing constantly. I have Retrospect set to do a Full Backup under Exchange options, so it should be clearing the transaction log files. Does anyone have any idea why this would not be happening? I am under some time pressure here as this obviously cannot continue indefinitely. I've tried only backing up the mail storage group, but that made no difference. Help!!
  5. I have resolved the issue, it turns out someone enabled continuous local replication on the exchange store, and it wasn't working correctly. The logs were cleared when I disabled the replication and ran a backup. Thanks the advice, Robin
  6. I can't find anything in the Windows logs, but I'll continue to look into it.
  7. I am also having this problem, so far I have ignored it because I am not doing individual mailbox backups, just the entire storage groups. In case it helps I've attached a screenshot of the commands you requested. Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.111, driver update and hotfix package
  8. This happens every day with multiple Exchange servers that I administer. I know about unlicensing and licensing again to fix the problem, but that is only temporary, the problem always comes back within a day. Is there a permanent solution to this error? It seems hard to believe that EMC would not such a blatant bug for so long. Are they no longer updating Retrospect? Or have they just stopped caring about their customers? Looking for a permanent fix for this problem, can anyone help? I don't want to switch backup software, I've used Backup Exec and it's awful compared to Retrospect, but this bug is a showstopper. I need a solution, and from the look of this forum so do other people. Please help!! Edit: I know about creating a Retrospect backup user and giving it the correct permissions. I have done this and it hasn't made a difference.