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  1. omega54321

    Scripts intact after drive replacement

    Yes, I always had to redefine sub volumes after a drive replacement.... except with the last drive replacement, I didn't have to. All the scripts worked fine, Thanks for your comments.
  2. omega54321

    Scripts intact after drive replacement

    Thank You. I'm using Windows 10 Home. It updates automatically. Still using Retrospect 7.6. It ain't broke...LOL. I thought that the reason Retrospect couldn't find volumes was because it used drive serial numbers to find drives. But I guess they changed that Regards
  3. Window 10, Retrospect 7.6 In the past, every time I replaced a hard drive, the scripts that used volumes on the old drive would report missing volumes and I would have to redo the scripts. Recently I replaced a hard drive and all the scripts are intact. I'm glad that I do not have to redo the scripts but concerned about this anomaly. Could this mean that the Matrix has been changed (just kidding), but seriously, how is Retrospect finding the new volume on the new drive automatically. This never happened before.
  4. omega54321

    Recreating scripts, after replacing hard drive(s)

    Thank you so much for the answer to my question. Using the unique UUID is good logic. A trade off between convenience and data safety when replacing drives. Data safety should always be the first priority.
  5. Hi My System: Win 7 (64 bit) Retrospect 7.5 I do Duplicate type backups. For each of my hard drives, I have a "clone" hard drive that I duplicate to. I just replaced a main hard drive and it's clone. I transferred my data from my old drives to the new ones. The new drives have the sames Drive Letters, labels and file structures as the old ones. I have many "Duplicate" scripts that backup specific folders. Retrospect doesn't recognize the sources in the scripts so I was in the process of resetting the sources for each script. Since I have quit a few scripts to reset the sources for, I was wondering if there is a way to make Retrospect recognize the sources in the new hard drives without having to reset each source in each script. Thanks for any help with this.
  6. Hi What is the locations of Config75.dat file in Windows 7? Retrospect 7.6 Thanks
  7. Hi I created a Retrospect bootdisc for a clone backup of my C Drive. I need to install the clone now because I am having unsolvable system problems and I need to go back to the clone. The Retrospect boot disc is 816 mg. When I try yo burn it using Nero, Nero says it's too big to burn on a CD (the CD is 700 mg). Nero does not give me the option of burning to DVD. Besides, I am not sure if a DVD would work properly as Retrospect boot disc. I am able to mount the Retrospect boot disc with Deamon Tools and I could copy all the files inside the disc image to a DVD. Would that work as a Retrospect boot disc being that it's a DVD, not a CD? I guess the only other option would be to try to find blank CDR media that is larger that 800 mg. I don't even know if CDR that large exist. or Copy the contents of the iso to a another CD and remove unnecessary files. Do you know what files I can remove? Any help with what options I have to create a Retrospect boot disc would be appreciated. It is absolutely unthinkable that one of the most critical functions of Retrospect, disaster recovery, creates a bootable disc image that can not be burned to disc. I don't believe it and I am hoping and praying that some one will show me that is not the case.
  8. omega54321

    iso image over 650mg warning

    Hi After backing up my C System drive, I got a warning: "The Windows installation software you have chosen will cause the final disaster cd image to be larger than 650 mg...Most burning software can't burn an image that large". These arn't the exact words of the error message but the meaning is correct. The iso is actually over 800mg. Can I burn the iso image to a DVD and will the DVD work as a bootdisc if I need to restore the System Drive using Retrospect. I DO have a DVD drive, Thanks
  9. Hello I am using Retrospect 7.5 on PC. Win Xp I am running several scripts that duplicate various volumes to an ext USB drive that I had been duplicating to with no problem in the past. Recently I disconnected and reconnected my external drive(s) that I backup to. The last time that I ran the duplicate script, Retrospect deleted all the data from the target volume on the external before it did the duplicate. After the duplicate was complete, if I ran the duplicate script again, it worked correctly, this is, it only duplicated changed data. This problem (deleting all data before a duplicate) used to ocurr when I had the 'backup open files' option enabled. So I stopped using that option. Now this problem is occurring even though this option is disabled. It seems to happen only when I disconnect and reconnect my external drive(s.) Thanks for any help