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    What is with people today... I come here every once in a blue moon. I don't contribute anything, because in the case of Retrospect, I don't have anything to contribute. I've been using this product since around 1993 / 1994. Simple personal stuff. I'm not part of a big corporation. Even though it's been quite a while, even though my memory isn't great - I immediately recognized the name 'rhwalker' when I logged on today. Russ has saved my butt a couple of times over the last 3 years. (in fact, I think Russ has been helping me longer that what is reflected in the posts on the current forum). He didn't get paid anything for it, he just did it because he felt like helping someone. I've been online at 11PM posting questions - and there he was posting answers. Wow. Russ, I for one, greatly appreciate the contribution you make here. EMC should be paying you for putting up with this kind of arrogance.
  2. Hey Russ, Thanks for that. I did what you suggested and Retrospect is, as I write, rebuilding the catalog that it previously could not build. And, if can read the files to build a catalog, certainly, it'll be able to retrieve those files. Thanks much, Derek
  3. I'm having a restore issue. Think I know what's wrong but would appreciate your comments. I've got a bunch of backups made over a period of years using an earlier version of Retrospect + earlier OS X + original optical drive supplied with my Power Mac G5. All the backups were made to CD-R. Using this system and media, I backed up and restored for years – no problem. Before I upgraded my system (see 'current system' below) I tried to retrieve as much of the important old documents as possible (there were lots of them). Then, with the new system installed, I backed up again using the new software / hardware, but this time I found I had to use '+' media ('-' media would no longer work). No problem, I'm OK with that. As you might guess, I've discovered there are some files on those old backup sets that I occasionally need. And the current system won't read those disks (and won't allow me to rebuild a catalog using those disks). I get log results like this: + Executing Recatalog at 3/18/2008 1:58 PM To backup set Unit Files… Trouble reading: “1-Unit Files†(0), error 100 (device rejected command). 3/18/2008 1:58:31 PM: Execution incomplete. Duration: 00:00:02 (00:00:02 idle/loading/preparing) I'm guessing that the problem relates to the current system being unable to work with '-R' media. Make sense? I'd be delighted to hear that I'm wrong and that there is a simple solution to my dilemma. My Current system: Power Mac G5 OS 10.4.11 Retrospect: v 6.1.126 Driver Update Version: Optical: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112D
  4. Thought I'd leave a follow-up note here in case anyone else has this problem. I replaced the DVR noted above with a new Pioneer DVR-112D. That pretty much seems to have solved the problems. Retrospect v6.1.126 with RDU OS 10.3.9 (burns to DVD+R but not CD-R...which is OK with me). I then upgraded the OS to 10.4.10. The stuff above continued to work as noted. Then I confirmed that the following worked: Toast 7, iTunes burning. I was surprised to be able to burn with iTunes - I thought I'd have to flash the firmware to get iTunes to burn to disk - but I didn't. That's it. (oh, got the new DVR from macsales.com - great price, great support). Derek
  5. Russ... You've been very generous with your time. I'll follow up on your recommendations. thanks much, Derek
  6. Quote: My sincere apology. I read your post in haste while trying to get out of the house this morning, thought that those lines were just log file lines. Does the DVR-108 Firmware really make this drive a DVR-108? Does it have the electronics to do the stuff that a DVR-108 can? All the Device Status stuff just reports what the drive says it is, not what it really can do. I'm at a loss. Best I could suggest is to look through the RDU version history and the supported devices database and pick a drive. You could also look at one of the online refurb/repair places that sell drives. Small Dog Electronics is one that we have used. Russ No Worries - I appreciate your comments. I don't have the technical expertise to know the answer to the firmware/electronics thing. It looks (i.e., info in system profile) and acts (i.e., even iTunes can burn directly to it) like a fully supported DVR-108. I've spent some time sorting through the terrific data base at xlr8yourmac.com and found numerous users that have successfully done the 'flash' thing. Sadly, none of them seem to be using Retrospect - hence there are no comments there about compatibility experiences. I've spent a lot of time sorting through the various compatibility lists and databases on emc. I did that before posting here and before calling tech support. It tortures me to see my drive as supplied by apple - dvr-117d - and the Pioneer dvr-108 are both qualified. I can imagine that flashing the dvr-117d to a dvr-108 actually made it incompatible, but I can also foresee the possibility of buying/installing a new dvr-108 from OWC and then discovering that the compatibility problem was not the drive but something else. Anyway, thanks again for your comments. Derek
  7. Quote: You don't mention what version of Retrospect you have (only "6.1"). Current version is 6.1.126, and there is a hacked version (6.1.131) that doesn't back up ACLs to avoid an Apple bug on the Intel platform for some versions of Mac OS 10.4.x. You don't mention what version of Retrospect Driver Update ("RDU") you have. This information is critical. The RDU version history (listing supported drives for each version - the supported devices database is out of date) is here: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=7886&p=2 Russ Thanks for the response Russ. Sorry about that: I'm using v6.1.126 As for RDU, I guess I must be misunderstanding something: I've tried numerous RDU's (you can see them listed in my original post) - I also listed what type of media I was using with the RDU. I listed the error codes that resulted with each. Thanks Derek
  8. I'm migrating from v5.1 to v6.1 and having problems. My equipment / software: Mac G5 dual 1.8 OS X 10.3.9 (soon to be upgraded to OS X 10.4) Retrospect Desktop v6.1 Drivers - see below Orig OEM DVD drive = Pioneer DVR-117D -- successfully flashed to DVR-108 Firmware (as described here: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/tips/FlashingDVR-117guide.html ) Under 'Device Status' Retrospect reports: ATAPI-A:0:0 PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 1.18 Pioneer DVD DL (5.10) Media used: DVD-R -- Taiyo Yuden, DVD+R -- Fuji, CD-R -- TDK A little background: This drive worked fine with Retrospect 5.1 backing up to CD-R and DVD-R. And for the record - even though the burn process is different, Toast 7 burned to DVD+R DL without a problem. Installed Retrospect v6.1 and here's whats happening: Tried to burn to same lot / brand of CD-R which worked with v5.1 -- got error 206 when using v6.1 with driver Tried to burn to new lot of DVD+R -- as soon as I backed up 2.0 GB - got error 203 when using v6.1 with driver Tried to burn to new lot of DVD+R -- as soon as I backed up 2.0 GB - got error 203 when using v6.1 with driver Tried to burn to new lot of DVD+R -- as soon as I backed up 2.0 GB - got error 203 when using v6.1 with driver I'm not even going to get into the failures I had with DVD-R - - the story is just too long. I'd like to be able to use the existing DVD drive. But, I'm guessing someone will say that using a flashed drive is the problem. If so, can anyone recommend a very 'retrospect friendly' internal DVD for a G5 tower. I've been using Retrospect since...something like 1993, I want to make this thing work. Thanks, Derek