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  1. Paul Richardson

    DiskManagement framework

    It didn't occur to me that the login status might be relevant until I noticed this framework problem. I run backups only at night, so yes, both problems occur only when no-one is logged in, as far as I can tell. I' m not in a position at present to test a backup with a user logged in.
  2. Does someone have an explanation of the following log entry: com.retrospect.retroclient[53] Unable to run because unable to use the DiskManagement framework. It seems to start after the user logs out, and is related to the error -1101 which has been plaguing me - error -1101 The disks are healthy, according to DiskWarrior, as of the day before yesterday. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Paul Richardson

    error -1101

    Well, I spoke too soon. As of last night it's back to square one. error -1101 on all clients. This time I'm inclined to just give up on Retrospect (again!) and get my money back.
  4. Paul Richardson

    error -1101

    As a last desperate act I did the following: 1. remove all client sources and relevant scripts from Retrospect and stop the engine. 2. Uninstall all clients and restart the machines 3. restart the engine 3. Install the latest version of the client and prepare for first access 4. add all clients individually 5. make a new script Having done that, everything has been running smoothly for a couple of days now.
  5. Paul Richardson

    error -1101

    Yesterday afternoon I refreshed all the volumes, and forgot and re-added one client. The proactive script ran all night, and from 11 clients, 1 was backed up, (not the one that was forgotten). Retrospect spent the night logging error -1101 for the other 10 clients. Today I will systematically forget all clients. But I'm not confident it will help, as I've more or less already tried that. I'll let you know.
  6. Paul Richardson

    error -1101

    It's the same volume. The Retrospect installation is only a week old. It's the first time in over a year that Retrospect has known anything about any of the volumes. The backup ran once and then I started getting bombarded with error -1101.
  7. Paul Richardson

    error -1101

    It applies to about 8 out 10 clients. Each has one source volume selected.
  8. Paul Richardson

    error -1101

    I'm getting a heap of errors like the following: 19.05.2012 00:06:57: Connected to Vertrieb * Resolved container Vertrieb to 1 volumes: Macintosh HD on Vertrieb Can't access volume Macintosh HD on Vertrieb, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) Everything is running on OS X 10.6.x What exactly is (or is not happening) here and what can I do about it? I'd be very grateful for any help or ideas