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  1. Thanks, I will do so. I'll report back if I encounter any issues.
  2. Hello all, My company has been using Retrospect 6 on a PowerMac G5 for some time for our secondary backups – we write the data to hard drives. However, as it is an old Mac, I'm worried that if the Mac stops working, we won't be able to access the data. Currently I keep the Catalog files backed up once a week on a USB stick. Is this all I would need, along with the original Retrospect software, in order to restore the data on a similar Mac? I have a few old iMacs that may well be able to do it, although nothing quite as old as the PowerMac G5. I think there's an IMac G5 somewhere that could do the job. Also, what do I need to do in order to move forward with a newer version of Retrospect on a new Mac so that we can eventually move to a much newer Mac? I'm quite tempted to restore all the data to new hard drives as the safest option, although this will be very time-consuming. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks. I saw that the colleague who had previously used the software had kept folders named 'Backup Sets' in the past and I wasn't sure if they were something else. If all I need is the Catalog files then that's fine. Should I ensure that the version number of the 6 software I install on my iMac G5 (if possible) is the same one that I am already working from. We have version 6.1.126 up and running at the moment but I can see that the downloads page will allow me to go up to 6.1.230. Once I've installed the software, I presume I can then just copy the Catalogs into the correct folder in Applications and go from there? Thanks
  4. Hi there, Thanks so much for the quick reply, much appreciated. I have an IMac G5 that I know is Power PC, a Retrospect 6 installer CD and license key, and I can see that there is a download page for the 6.1 installer and drivers. I have all the Catalogs on the USB stick and all the hard drives, so it seems I will be able to replicate the running of Retrospect 6 on another Mac. I will try and do so ASAP so that I have the contingency plan up and running ASAP. Yes, I agree that it would be best to restore the data to new hard drives. Many thanks! ETA: Sorry, I meant to check. With regards to Backup Sets, do I just need the physical media, or do I also need the digital 'Backup Sets' files?
  5. Hello I am using retrospect V6. I want to use my old snap server quantum 4100 as a backup drive - it has 240 GB space. When I try to write a script, I can not get the option to choose this hard drive. I have the icon on my desktop, and the server is connected on a T100 network to my Mac (OSX 10.4) Please tell me how to get this hard drive lcan be read by retrospect so i can begin using it for backing up every night. thanks Creative