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  1. I need to make more room on our Windows Server 2003 c: drive (where Retrospect is installed). The catalogs are already on the d: drive. I want to move the program files there also. I know about the instructions for moving to a different server, but what do I need to do to move program files on the same server? If it matters, it's 7.5 and we back up various Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux clients.
  2. xserve is backed up via the Network Container on the Windows server Retrospect, not via a client. I defined subvolumes under Groups and Users, and set the login as root for the Users directory and all the subvolumes under that. It appeared to do Groups ok, but got to Users at 6:30 this morning and is still saying "copying" in the log, and "scanning" in the activity window. There are only 31 subvolumes under Users, and not all have files in them.
  3. I tried starting the backup at 6:30 last night. It got to xserve at 10:45. When I got in at 9, it still said "scanning" on the first subdirectory Groups 44 of 45, remaining 74301, completed 0. That still seems excessive. I thought that's what I was doing...but I'll try defining all the directories under Groups and Users as subvolumes. Is this the level that you mean (it didn't seem possible to define Groups as a subvolume under xserve)?
  4. Does it need to do that each time it backs up, even if you have only specified certain directories? (This HD is 233Gb, and it was still scanning after 5 hours)
  5. I don't have the backup ACL option for Macs selected.
  6. While it is scanning, it seems to count the files but nothing is being copied. I could be wrong about this, but I think it's trying to scan the whole HD. When I've tried this on the overnight backup, there's a message at the bottom of the activity monitor that says it completed (I think close to the time it starts the scanning), but it doesn't copy any of xserve and still appears in the Executing tab. What is the Universal Client?
  7. Windows 2003 with Retrospect 7.5 is what we're using now to back up PC and Mac clients, plus other Windows servers through Network Container. Previously we used the xserve machine with an older version, and have been using that to back up xserve on a different tape drive. We're trying to move the xserve backup to the Windows server, through Network Container. It seemed to work once except for the Users directory, where it then kept saying "scanning". I tried changing the login to root for that, and now it seems anything I try to backup says "scanning" for hours until I stop it, even with the xserve Retrospect unlaunched.
  8. Retrospect 7.5 server is on Windows 2003 Server c: drive, and I want to move it to the d: drive since there is more space. How can I keep all the settings and configuration (clients, scripts, etc.)?