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  1. I just upgraded my two home machines. I got two brand new Dells... my desktop (which runs Retropsect) and my wife's desktop (client 1). Both are running Vista Business Ed. I also have a Sony Vaio Laptop (client 2). I have been backing up the laptop and wife's old machine just fine for over two years without issue. Since the upgraded machines have been installed, I can run backups on laptop (client 2) just fine. However, whenever I try to add my wife's machine (client 1) as a backup client, I receive this error: Sorry, couldn't add backup client, error -560 (invalid private/public key). So here are the things I have done to try and rectify this error: Quadruple checked the firewall - 497 UDP/TCP open on both machines. Licenses - 1 used, 1 available Reinstalled client on wife's new machine 3 times. What am I missing to get my wife's new machine to become a client. Why is this error still occurring? Please help! jtoddv