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  1. Howdy, Did you first run the uninstaller of the previous version? Did you also do other things like repair disk permissions, verify the disk directory is OK, other basic things to make sure the foundation is all OK? Perhaps the un-install, with the previous versions installer actually performing the uninstall, might do the trick. Cheers, Daniel Feldman ======================= MacMind Certified Member of the Apple Consultants Network Apple Certified (ACHDS) E-mail: Dan@MacMind.net Phone: 1-408-454-6649 URL : www.MacMind.net =======================
  2. Howdy, Read below, this seems to have resolved this issue for my client, running solid for at least a week with daily backups running OK now. I specifically called Retrospect Technical support and was told: This issue appears to be resolved by doing the following: first, use the same version as is currently installed's installer program itself, to un-install. then, use the newest / latest version, downloadable with the 8.x version of Retrospect downloader. I was told there was a disk image within, for the client, but found there was an 'installer' for the client, close enough for me. There is also a client download only, much smaller, and seems to me, to be same client version, but I did use the 8.x software download , client installer that came with it. This was then installed onto one user that has had this on-going issue with client turning off, and since then, backups seem to have been running fine so far, not sure if the issue is really resolved, but it does seem to be so far. I was also told by Retrospect Technical support, that although they could never reproduce this issue in house, so it's apparently difficult to identify the bug, and confirm that it's been fixed, however, they did say that they have customers that have suffered with this issue, report that this new client version no longer suffers from that issue. My own experience does seem to confirm this, so far, for the new 6.3.019 client seems to no longer shut itself off. This is what I did: Retrospect Technical support indicated that this issue is reported to be resolved with the new 6.3.x client. He further indicated that this issue has been reported by others, and when they followed the below procedure for un installing the older client version, and then found that using the new 6.3 version, they reported the issue was resolved. which is included within the Retrospect 8.1.150 installer (as a separate DMG for 6.3 Mac client installer included within). ** note: as it turns out, it's not a disk image within the 8.x installer, but rather a folder, with an installer, but that's fine with me, just trying to clarify and be accurate). I asked regarding best procedure to do so, and he indicated that the 6.1.x client, should first be un-installed with the same version of the 6.1.x client un-installer that is on the 6.1.x client installer disk image. Confirmed client is 6.1.130 located the client installer/un-installer for 6.1.130 ran the un-installer rebooted (just for good luck) Down loaded both the new Retrospect 8.1.150 package, which includes the latest 6.3.x client as per Retrospect technical supports instructions ran the installer from the 6.3.019 client rebooted again (just for extra good luck) manually setup new client to be seen by the server (as the server couldn't see the new client/version/install at first), and no further issues since. Cheers, Daniel Feldman ======================= MacMind Certified Member of the Apple Consultants Network Apple Certified (ACHDS) E-mail: Dan@MacMind.net Phone: 1-408-454-6649 URL : www.MacMind.net =======================
  3. Has this issue, where the client turns itself off, ever been resolved? If so, what is the resolution? I've been searching around for a while now, but I still can't seem to find out. Thanks, Daniel
  4. After much reading on these forums and other areas, I decided to backup and remove the Retrospect preferences (/Library/Preferences) and replaced with an older backup copy (thankfully this was backed up at least once, so 90% of my scripts and such were all there), and bang! it works, no more errors. Now of course, I lost all the new changes I've made to scripts, but that's something I can rebuild easily enough, and now the backups are working again. Also of note: from when it worked until failure with errors like: Trouble in Retrospect: Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "elem16.c-687" or "elem.c-923" G4, stock, 2GB RAM, 10.4.8 OS Latest version of Retrospect 6.1.126 For no apparent reason (no changes made to server or clients that I'm aware of) it just suddenly stopped working with the above errors, but ONLY for the windows clients. Macintosh clients worked fine. Odd. Ran Disk Utility, no errors found in directory on any disks, permissions repaired OK too. Purging the prefs seemed to solve the problem, and I think that may indicate where the problem lies. Word to the wise: Backup your Retrospect preferences, frequently, and especially after any changes to clients, volumes, scripts, etc... make a new backup, and you should be safe in case of prefs corruption. I hope this helps, as I can certainly understand how frustating this is, having to go through it myself. Cheers, Daniel Daniel Feldman ======================= MacMind Certified Member of the Apple Consultants Network Apple Certified (ACHDS) URL : www.MacMind.net =======================