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  1. The "Can't back up registry, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)" was logged on the server that retrospect is installed on at 4:20:36 AM, and the only log I get around that time on the Terminal server is in the system log at 4:20:26 AM "RSM was stopped." We're backing up to a Quantum DLT-V4, if it helps. There are no scheduled tasks running at that time or executing longer than an hour.
  2. Hello all. My client is running Retrospect SBS server standard And during the backup of the terminal server, via remote agent we get the following error: T-31: MapError: unknown Windows error 1,016 T-31:TReg::Save(C:\WINNT\TEMP\REG00000): failed, winerr 1016, error -1001 Can't back up registry, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) A reboot fixes the error once, but then it fails again next full backup. Does anyone have and suggestions for resolving this issue?
  3. Can anyone offer me a solution at all?
  4. Hello all. I was working with Retrospect on a 2003 server, looking for some files in the restore wizard. During this wizard retrospect locked up and I closed the application. When it was restarted, it started like it was just freshly installed. It was asking for licence keys and there were no backup jobs or media sets. I do have a current backup of the server as of yesterday, so I restored the c:\program files\retrospect directory to an alternate location. Backed up the current directory and copied the restored directory in its place. This still did not restore my original settings. I've tried to locate anything that looks like a configuration file that retrospect loads, but I can't find one. My question is, how do I restore my retrospect to as it was at last nights backup? From the Retrospect help menu. Single Server 7.5.324 Driver update and hotfix version