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  1. How about the question from Jeff above, does the bug impacts our ability to restore? It affects all my xp clients and I'm not to eager to reinstall. Mats
  2. I finally was able to get my linux clients to work. I don't understand why but at least how. My backup server (win2003) is behind a netgear fvs338 firewall setup to send port 497 traffic to the backup server. The server also has a Appgate 2.0 software firewall. This (rather safe) setup works fine with windows and macos clients but linux clients only connects and then I usually get the "Backup client reserved" error. Using an old linux backup client computer that have been known to work before (with my old w2k server) and turing off software firewall and connecting behind the hardware firewall it finally worked. Some additional tests shows that turning off the software firewall makes the linux clients work without problem. Something differs obviously between how the linux client and the other two communiate with the server.
  3. Hi! I think I have done just about everything in order to get any linux client to make a backup without luck. What happens is the following (after installing client software and adding client) on the server: If I select "Properties - Volumes" I will get the error message "Can't track volumes, error -519 (network communication failed)" and after that I will get the error message "Sorry, couldn't connect to ..., error -505 (backup client reserved)" whatever I do. The client have to be stopped and restarted. When making backup (proactive or immediate) nothing happens or error -519. On the client the message is "reserved by <server> for Preparing..." and the number of connections are increasing for every attempt. I have Multi Server, Version 7.5.387, Driver I have tried the following: Ubuntu 7.04 with client 7.5.112, 7.0 and 6.5 PuppyLinux 2.15CE with client 7.5 and 7.0 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 with client 7.5.111 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with client 7.0.112 and 7.0 and maybe some other combination. None works but we backup about 50 XP/2k/98 clients and a few Macs without problem. An irritating fact is that some year ago I installed a client on an older Ubuntu version to test and it worked directly. That was probably with server ver. 6.5 Any suggestions? Does this server version work at all with linux clients? Mats