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  1. Retrospect 7.0.326, update on SBS 2003 has broken - everything works except that none of the buttons on the 'activity monitor' window work. I click on them and nothing happens - no error, nothing. I've tried repairing Retrospect from add/remove programs and it didn't help. So I'm going to uninstall it and reinstall it - unless anyone has a fix. My question is: Will all my backup settings be retained through an uninstall? If not, how do I backup up and restore my backup settings?
  2. ctsrutland

    "Backup set is in use"

    Thanks for the reply: Please provide: (1) complete version number of Retrospect Retrospect 7.0.326, update ver. (3) complete version number of the OS Small Business Server 2003, Service Pack 2 (it did this before SP2 was installed too..) (4) complete description of hardware being used. External 750GB firewire hard drives, being rotated off-site once a week. (5) complete description of the steps you are doing Running a proactive backup overnight, using Retrospect's grooming policy. (6) complete description of the problem As described before: It works ok for a while, and then randomly fails to backup saying "backup set is in use". The previous day's backup completed ok, & the external disk has plenty of space, and has not be swapped (400GB free) And I should add one myself: (7) What kind of backup set do you have? It's a disk backup set, with one member. Is that what you mean? It's working ok again now, but I'm sure it'll happen again soon enough. Thanks!
  3. We're backing up using proactive backup on Retrospect 7. There's plenty of space on the external disk drive. One day it backs up ok; the next it doesn't, just saying 'backup set is in use'. I've fixed this in the past by closing all the Retrospect processes in Task manager and starting again, but not today. I expect I could reboot the server to fix it, but I don't want to. And I don't want my backups to stop randomly for no good reason either. I've looked in the forums for help, but without luck (the search function doesn't seem to help much)
  4. ctsrutland

    Errors testing Disaster recovery

    Replying to myself - what am I supposed to do? We have a backup program that I cannot test, because it won't restore so much as a plain text file to different hardware. I thought I'd at least be able to recover documents easily. Since Retrospect often throws up errors, fails to groom correctly and so on, I'm not sure I trust it. I really want to practice restoring Exchange from backup. I'm leaning strongly towards getting a copy of Storagecraft instead! Unles anyone has some helpful tips?
  5. ctsrutland

    Errors testing Disaster recovery

    Thanks for the quick reply.. that could be the problem. Seems a bit useless to me, since a 'disaster' would likely entail loss of hardware. I've persuaded Retrospect to start recataloging the backup.. I'll see what happens. Sounds as though we need to switch to an imaging backup program, as they seem much faster, and advertise recovery to dissimilar hardware.
  6. I'm using Retrospect 7 on SBS 2003 I'm trying to do a test recovery onto another spare PC. In the temporary Windows installation, Retrospect starts to catalog the backup set, and after about 5 seconds stops and says: Assertion failure at "arc.cpp-2928" I can't find a way around this. Is the backup set corrupt? Or something else?
  7. ctsrutland

    Waiting for media

    Fixed it, I think. I recreated the catalogue for the disk. After that was finished, it still didn't back up. I noticed the disk was marked 'read only'. I removed that (it's probably meant to be like that?). Then I noticed the disk had been removed as a destinatino for the script by the process of recreating the catalogue. When I put it back, it started backing up.. at last!
  8. ctsrutland

    Waiting for media

    I'm using Retrospect 7.0.326 on SBS 2003, update . I have a set of external firewire hard drives, using Proactive backup. My current problem (I have lots of others) is that Retrospect is stuck saying "Waiting for storage media", even though the correct disk is in, and has free space. There are no errors in the SBS event log, or the Retrospect log. There are no pop-up messages with any further error code. In 'backup sets', the current disk is shown as a member, and if I try to add it again it says it already is a member, so at some level it knows it's the right disk. The 'remove' button is greyed out so I can't remove it and add it again. I have removed and re-added the backup set as a destination for the proactive script. I'd try physically reconnecting the disk, but I'm working remotely. I have shut down and restarted Retrospect. After searching these forums I checked file permissions on the disk, and the Retrospect user does have write permission. Yesterday I recycled the set and it worked, but today there's a different external disk, and I have the identical problem. I can't recycle every disk every time they get swapped over. Any ideas - thank you?